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  • Day94

    Next stop: Asia

    August 31, 2020 in Turkey ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Our night was pretty short as the next tent kid seemed to be sick and cried all night. At 5:45am, we decided to get up as we couldn't sleep anyways. We cycled to Gelibolu to have breakfast before continuing along the coast to Eceabat. We had strong tailwinds, so it felt like flying on the main road. On the peninsula, there was a huge battle in World War I between the Ottoman soldiers and the Allies, so it's a site of historical importance with some war memorials to visit.
    At Eceabat, we took the ferry across the Dardanelles strait, the geographical border between Europe and Asia. We saw the fortress of Kilitbahir on the European side and enjoyed some views on Çanakkale on the Asia side when we were on the boat.
    From Çanakkale, we had to cycle another 15km along the coast until we reached Güzelyali, our destination for the night. The village is nice. It has a decent beach where we went for a swim, of course, nice seafront houses and a few shops and restaurants. Here, we were welcomed by Firat who cooked a delicious dinner for us. Unfortunately, Herbert had to miss out on the food because he wasn't feeling to well. Hope he'll get better after some sleep, so we can go on tomorrow.
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    CundA aus NY

    Herbert, hoffentlich geht es dir bald wieder richtig gut.

    Anne-Kathrin Ernst

    Gute Besserung Herbert👍An welchem Tag seid ihr denn eigentlich 1 Jahr unterwegs ? Der müßte doch jetzt bald sein 🤔?

    Her Bert

    Danke. Wir sind letztes Jahr am 7. September gestartet. Eine Woche also noch.