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  • Day152

    Heaven and Hell

    October 28, 2020 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Finally, we got out of the very busy traffic and into a more quieter area. As most of the time here in Turkey, there were some sights on our way as well. We saw "Kız Kalesi" (Girls Castle) which is in the middle of the sea, about 500m from the shore. Next, we visited "Cennet - Cehennem", the Caves of Heaven and Hell. The caves are a natural phenomena and quite impressive. There's an underground river that had formed a cave system. And when the roof of the caves collapsed, those two big "holes" were left and you can now visit them. The "hell" is a 130m deep hole, 50m in diameter which you cannot access but admire from a platform at the rim. "Heaven" cave is bigger and accessible, so we walked down the stairs to explore. There's also a little church built inside which looked kind of cool. And of course, there's also a Greek myth around Zeus related to these caves which gave them their names.
    Afterwards, we visited Astım Cave ("Asthma Cave") with its colourful stalagmites and stalagtites which is believed to cure asthma, hence its name.
    We then continued cycling until it was time to find a campspot, go for a swim and cook dinner.
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