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  • Day278

    Day 3 - Randwick

    January 5, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    I did really enjoy the bus tour however you just can't beat a good old free walking tour. Our tour guide for our last of many walking tours on our trip was a very enthusiastic theatre and media graduate called Jake. With theatrical grandeur he shared some of Sydney's convict history and showed us around the sights.

    In addition to the main sights such as the Opera House, Hyde Park and the Harbour Bridge, Jake also took us down a couple of laneways. Now Sydney's laneways are by no means as sophisticated as Melbourne's and are in the very early stages of opening up however there was a very cool art installation in Angel Place. It's called Forgotten Songs and consists of around 50 hanging birdcages of various shapes and sizes. As you walk underneath them you can hear various bird songs. The songs change throughout the day so in the morning you would hear birds that are most active in the morning and then in the evening, birds that are most active then.

    Every Friday there is a Foodies Market in the Rocks so after the tour we headed there in search of some lunch. Here they were doing gourmet kebabs of all kinds of things such as octopus, kangaroo and crocodile. Not having tried crocodile yet we gave it a go and to be honest, it wasn't very nice. It's hard to describe what it tastes as it doesn't taste like anything I've eaten before. Simon probably explains it best when he says it tastes like a "slightly fishy rubber band".

    After lunch we walked across the Harbour Bridge to take in the incredible views of the Harbour. It was very windy up there so I dread to think what it would have been like for the people climbing over the top!

    Indiana and Luke, our Airbnb hosts, recommended that we check out The Ritz Cinema which was walking distance from their house so in the evening we went to watch The Greatest Showman. It was a bit of a treat but it's our last week so what the heck. The cinema itself is a gorgeous Art Deco building and the interior was still in its original Art Deco style too. The Greatest Showman, staring our mate Hugh, was also amazing.
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