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  • Day7

    Day 2 - Elephant Hills

    December 8, 2018 in Thailand ⋅ 🌧 29 °C

    We woke up at 7am to the ‘gong gong gong’ (which announced meal times) and made our way slowly to breakfast. I thought we’d be the last there as had taken so long but turns out we were practically the first. The selection of food was vast with fresh eggs served however you wanted including as a little omelette, cheese, roti, cereals and of course rice and stir fried noodles if you fancied.

    After breakfast we met our new guide for the day Mr Tony and our fellow happy campers DD and Julie. We were soon off in the mini bus to our first stop which was a small market. We had a walk through the food until we hit the stinky meat and fish and did a swift 180. There wasn’t much else to see so we headed back to the van. At our second stop we boarded a speed boat and made our way down river, we then made our way slowly though the mangroves to try and see some wildlife but only managed to see a few butterflies. Making our way back up the river and past where we started we headed out towards the sea to join a bigger boat where we would stop for lunch. As we needed to wait for lunch to be cooked we decided to go kayaking in the mangroves to try and see some more wildlife. This time we managed two crabs and an egret.

    Having returned to the big boat we then waited for lunch to be finished off with some singing, jokes and a failed attempt by Mr Tony to get me and Blake to act out the scene from the Titanic where Jack and Rose stand at the end of the boat whilst he sang ‘my heart will go on’ and tried to film it. By this point I was hungry and didn’t want to be the latest viral tourist in Thailand so politely refused. Lunch was served and it was delicious as always (although maybe a bit spicy for Blake). We then had some free time before heading back to Elephant Hills.

    The evenings entertainment was another documentary, this time on the jungle followed by more children performing Thai dances and a chicken and pineapple curry cooking demonstration. We then tucked into another buffet feast!
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    Jackie Blake

    sounds good not sure about the singing or the re-enactment of the titanic lol x