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  • Day12

    Day 2 - Koh Lanta

    December 13, 2018 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    As I was reminded we were on holiday and not a boot camp I allowed Blake an extra half hour in bed to get her beauty sleep. Another yummy breakfast served by none other than Mr Blackadder himself and we were set to go out for a trip on the scooter again.

    Having not made it down to the National Park and waterfall walk yesterday as we got fed up of windy beaches, we decided to head straight down there first. When we turned off the main road to head to the waterfall start point the two passengers on the bike in front were pulled over, coughing, spluttering and sneezing. As soon as we caught up to them we were exactly the same. Ahead we could see a pickup truck pumping out something which got straight into the back of your nose and throat. Having no idea what it was or wanting to risk driving straight through it to overtake we decided to skip it (having seen a lot of waterfalls last year) and head straight to the National Park. It was a long and windy road with lots of very steep hills which we weren’t sure how easily the bike was going to manage on the way back.

    We bought our tickets, parked up the bike and headed to the start of the National Park walk. The sign said 1.7km taking around 2hrs but knowing this was probably for a one legged man walking backwards we made our way up the giant steps. 10-15 minutes in, very hot and sweaty we considered turning back but decided to carry on as the views were getting better and better the higher we made it up the path. Eventually we made it all the way around in 50 minutes.

    Back at the starting point were two beaches and another short walk to a lighthouse. We climbed up to the lighthouse for a stunning view of the sea and National Park. A well worthwhile trip.

    Having had a delicious dinner the night before at the vegetarian ( I don’t really know what’s happening to me) we decided to go back for lunch. Blake decided this time on a veggie sandwich and I went for the mixed Thai starter for two for a main. Suitably full we went back to the hotel for some more sunbathing and pool time. (It’s a holiday right 😂)

    For dinner, needing some meat by this point we went to a little spot called Patty’s Secret Garden. We ordered two delicious cocktails, one frozen margarita and one caipirinha. For starter we shared a breaded, minced tofu with a lemon and lime mayo like sauce. Sounds odd but was actually really nice. For main Blake went for a noodle dish and I went for a black bomber cheese and bacon topped burger and chips. Mmm meaty!!
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