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  • Day 1, Arrival San Jose, Costa Rica

    December 22, 2017 in Costa Rica ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    It was a long day with not much happening. The five of us, Mom, TJ, Vienne, Tommy and I left the house at 2am for the Detroit airport. Theres a picture of our parking ramp area so I don't forget where the Yukon is! We split from mom to check in with different airlines and didn't see her again until we were at the hotel around 5pm.

    Vienne got a great shot of the Cuba coast as we flew over, but other than that there weren't many photo opportunities. She tried to send it to me so I could post, but I'm not getting it. I'll try to add later.

    We hed a buffet style dinner set up by the Caravan tour group, a meet and greet with other passengers, and then we crashed into bed!

    Sloth souveniers are everywhere. Miss you awesome nerds!!
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    Linda Kohl

    What a wonderful idea on how to find your car days later. Hope the weather is great. Say hi to your mom; I miss her. Now, if only you'd post more pictures :(

    Linda Kohl

    Decided to re-post this after I read your LV response:

    Linda Kohl

    OH, I get it. You're going to do what I did. I don't blame you waiting til the trip is over to post. I needed 3 weeks after the trip to get my act together. And, besides, who wants to take time away from the vacay to write up notes instead of enjoying yourself.

    Joy Magyar

    Love the pic from the plane! Miss you!