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  • Day59

    Split Walking Tour

    June 23 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 81 °F

    This was a fascinating tour of the history of old town Split.

    I had mistakenly thought that the town was named after the split of the Roman Empire, however, it actually comes from a Greek word for colony that was shortened by the Romans and then shortened again by the Croatians down to Split.

    Diocletian was raised in a Christian home, but upon becoming emperor converted to the Roman religion and became a severe persecutor of Christians. He is most famous for dividing the Roman Empire.

    His successor, however, was Constantine who legalized Christianity. Diocletian had built himself a mausoleum that he expected to be buried in, however he was not. Instead, ironically, it became a Catholic church.

    Everyday at noon in the peristyle there's a brief show with Roman soldiers and an actor playing Diocletian who comes out and speaks a few words of Latin.
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    Pamela D.

    I appreciate that you give us a brief history of these areas you're visiting. It looks really beautiful.

    Pamela D.


    Pamela D.

    Love the new dress!

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