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  • Day15

    Trout Lake to Hood River

    September 22 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    The trip from Trout Lake to Hood River was fast, basically 40km just rolling downhill. After the downhill part, we got to the bridge crossing the wide river from White Salmon, Washington, to Hood River, Oregon, our second state in the US. It's an old steel bridge and neither cyclist nor pedestrians are allowed to cross. So we had to catch a ride. Luckily, a guy stopped to give us a lift. He had seen us standing in the rain (it rained again all day), with our bicycles and luggage, so he had gone home to his 2 kayaks, he had on his pickup, came back and picked us up. There's really some amazing people here!!
    We liked Hood River in general. It has so many outdoor sports opportunities like kite surfing, mountain biking, skiing plus people were relaxed. As it was still raining, we had a long coffee break to warm up again first. Afterwards, we did extended grocery shopping as we needed to fill up and then went to our warmshowers hosts Sarah and Jon. Both were great company, so we shared some stories before going to sleep comfortably in their guestroom in the shed.
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