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  • Day112


    December 28, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    When we got of the bus, we weren't as tired as you may expect after a trip on the night bus. The seats were quite comfy, we had lots of space and the bus didn't stop at every single corner like it usually happens with the local buses. So apart from the bumpy roads, we could sleep relatively well. Our bikes also made it in one piece, so we could load them again right after the bus station (as there were too many people inside).
    The landscape in Villahermosa was totally different again compared to what we left the night before. First, everything was foggy and looked pretty mystical which we only had in the mountains before. But looking at the map, it's not so much a surprise as Villahermosa is surrounded by water with rivers, lakes and lagunes. The fog cleared fast though and we saw a flat, green land, no more mountains for a while. So apart from the headwinds and a lot of noise from the heavy traffic, cycling was easy and we passed the 9000km mark - yeah 💪
    Originally, we were going to go to Palenque to see the Mayan ruins in the jungle. But when checking the hotel options, we couldn't find a single decent hotel for a reasonable price. So instead, we decided to skip all tourist attractions until the end of the holiday period (which should be around 6th of January) and stop in unknown villages instead. There's just way too many tourists to enjoy the places. So today, we ended up in Catazaja, a tiny village with friendly locals, directly at a beautiful lagune with a nice, affordable hotel 😊
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