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  • Day117

    Arriving at the carribean sea

    January 2, 2020 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Our (probably) last day in Mexico has come. Tomorrow, after exactly 2 months, we are going to cross the border to Belice. We decided to have a short day, so we can enjoy some time at the Carribean sea and give our butts a little rest after 6 days in a row of >100km. Plus, this way we'll be fresh when crossing the border, as you never know through what kind of hassle you have to go.
    It was a good decision as we had really strong headwinds again on the way. Not a surprise, as we went towards the sea on a flat terrain. When we arrived in Chetumal, we were pleasantly surprised by the standard of our AirBnB - after that overpriced place at Bacalar lagune. We packed our swimmers and cycled North along the coast to Calderitas, a little village. We really liked it there - no tourists, a cute beach (though a little rocky) and great restaurants where we got ourselves a treat for lunch.
    Afterwards, we checked out a few bike shops in town to see if they had some pedals for me. Unfortunately not what we were looking for. However, the shop owners were really nice, gave us advice on Belice and Guatemala. One even invited us for a coffee, so we kept on chatting about our trip, the bikes and Mexican street food. This actually made us hungry. So instead of cooking, we tried some marquesitas on the road and had sandwiches (we also found a great bakery). It was also interesting to observe the nightlife at the Malecon: many people, street food, lights everywhere... A good ending for this country where we cycled about 5000km!
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    Elisa Köppl


    Florian Köppl

    Sind die ersten Pedale schon durchgetreten? 😳 Wenn selbst solche Teile nicht durchhalten, dann ist bis zu eurer Ankunft nur noch der Rahmen original. 🤪

    Meike Grothe

    Durchgetreten noch nicht, aber man könnte "optimieren". Und es heißt, dass es nach Mexiko nir schwieriger wird, Ersatzteile zu bekommen. Bin gespannt 😉