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  • Day140

    Short stop in Honduras #2 - a long night

    January 25 in Honduras ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    Most cyclists stay only one night in Honduras as the stretch you cross in the South is only some 130km long. We decided to stay for 2 nights to have at least a little bit more time in the country. We also found another host in Choluteca, so a good chance to get to know the people better.
    We headed off after breakfast and had a first stop in San Lorenzo. The town has some colonial style houses and is a lot less busy than Nacaome before. It's also located next to lagunes and rivers so it has a waterfront. Afterwards, we continued on a surprisingly good road to Choluteca and our host Jaime where we could stay at his mother's house.
    As we got there at noon already, we wanted to take the bus to the beach some 40km away. But when we walked to the bus stop, we realized that it was too late already - everything just takes longer here, especially rides with a local bus. Instead, we walked around in the city, had an iced coffee and pizza in air-conditioned places as it was above 40°C.
    At night, Jaime invited us to go out with him and his friends. First, we went to a "cantina", a cheap place to drink beer. Except for me, only guys. Jaime told us that Honduras is still a very macho country and usually women stay at home when guys go out to cantinas. But the place was relaxed and we quite liked it.
    Afterwards, he took us to a bar to show us a totally different place where men and women could go out together. The bar had live music (latin american sounds) and people could sing karaoke as well (pretty high quality voices though) which was cool. Compared to the other one, it was very fancy which you could also see when looking at the people inside - noone was poor here. The later the night the more dodgy looking people came in. One of the guys told us that most of them are probably drug dealers. Not really the people we wanted to hang out with. So at about 1am, Jaime gave us a lift home. 10 beers are obviously no reason to not drive in Honduras 😞 But we got back safely (only a 3 minute drive) and set up our camp in the backyard. It was still way too hot to sleep inside a room that his mum provided.
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