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  • Day7

    Trip to Angkor and Lake Tonle Sap

    August 27, 2018 in Cambodia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    After our one day in bed we felt fit enough to start a second tour today. We visited some more temples in the northern part of Angkor and afterwards we went down to lake Tonle Sap in order to take a boat tour. We were pretty surprised by the prices they wanted to charge us: 25$ per person. Since we found this price to high for a boat tour we told the guy at the ticket counter that we won‘t pay that much. After a few minutes they offered us another price of 20$. Still quite high but since we already spent some money for our trip down there we decided to agree.

    The boat took us down the river through the village on the river and we had a short stop at a restaurant in the river where they offered us another boat tour with some old ladies for additional 5$ per person. We would have loved to do this tour but we where not willing to spend another 10$ ( especially since we only had 4 $ left ).
    So we went on with our boat which took us to the lake. A pretty big lake where you can not see any border.

    After that the boat took us back to the port. A tour of about 1 hour for 20$... still a pretty high price in our eyes when you know how much they do usually earn.

    In general the difference between the standard price for local food and living compared to the touristic fees is too high in our eyes:
    Local food: 2 $
    3-days ticket for Angkor Watt: 62$
    1 hour boat tour: 25$

    Compared to Germany it would mean you have to pay 80€ for a 1 hour boat tour and 248€ for a 3 day ticket when calculating a standard food with around 8€. The span is just way too high.
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