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  • Day19


    October 25, 2017 in Palestine ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

    Today we were back in the Old City & started out by exploring Hezekiah's Tunnel (Siloam Tunnel); an incredible feat of engineering from the 8th Cenury BC! The tunnel leads from the Gihon Spring to the Pool of Siloam. The curving tunnel is 533 m long, and by using the 30 cm altitude difference between its two ends, which corresponds to a 0.06 percent gradient, the engineers managed to convey the water from the spring to the pool. Absolutely incredible! The water was cold & crystal clear in the tunnel with the deepest part about mid-thigh height. The tunnel was very narrow & low in parts &, without the aid of our torches, pitch black - definitely not for the claustrophobic. We came out the other end unscathed & with another great memory.
    Back on the bus again & we were heading to the other side of the city to visit Yad Vashem - the World Holocaust Rememberance Centre; what a sombre & sobering experience. A must do for anyone visiting the city. You cannot help but be moved; both of us were welling up at the atrocities that occurred during this awful period in history. The Centre is meticulously maintained & presented, acting as a very fitting tribute to the memories of the millions that lost their lives (including 1.5 million children).
    Paul & I took a taxi from the museum back to the Old City where we spent the afternoon exploring & shopping in the Jewish & Armenian Quarters. The Jewish Quarter was our favourite; it was so peaceful watching families go about their business in the laneways. The silversmiths & scribes were fascinating to watch, perfecting their craft. It was a wonderful way to round out the day.
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