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  • Day22

    Lake Titicaca

    April 14, 2018 in Peru ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Stayed in Puno for the night - a town that’s nothijg to write home about! - and explored Lake Titicaca by boat for the whole day.

    We first went to Taquile Island where we went to a family’s house to learn about their culture and way of living. Apparently the men are in charge of knitting and weaving (as well as tending to the farm) and they need to make a few hats for themselves and their children. It’s a custom to give each other coca leaves as a greeting instead of shaking hands. Apparently you are only allowed to receive the leaves on your skirt or clothing and not your hands. Very interesting.

    We then took the boat to the Peninsula where we visited another community and had a nice lunch there, which was made by creating a pit in the floor and lighting a fire to heat the stones which cooked the potatoes, rainbow trout from Canada and chicken which seems to be a popular choice of meat.

    Lastly we went to a floating island called Uros. So cool. These islands last around 50 years before they need to build another one. They are anchored but can be moved whenever they want. The kids go to school and have to row for half an hour to get to Puno one way! PK was playing with his drone and the kids loved it. It was a good day ☀️
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