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    • Day6

      Village de Soajo dans les montagnes

      September 15, 2022 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Après cette journée à toutes épreuves, nous nous levons avec notre réveil matin préféré de Samuel : Papaaaaaaa, mamannnnnm!! Alors très courte nuit et évidemment, tout le monde se réveille. Il faudra se fixer des règles mais on commence notre aventure en campervan. Donc pas le choix de s'ajuster.

      On déjeune au pied du Sanctuaire et en partant de là, petites emplettes faites à l'épicerie, il est déjà l'heure de dîner.

      On se dit que nous allons en profiter et aller dans la ville tout prêt, Castello de Viena. On cherche un stationnement, quand même un moment et ensuite, nous sommes à la recherche de notre resto 4,5. Mais il n'est pas trouvable! En fait, quelques restos sont fermés après l'été. Donc, on arrête dans un restaurant du coin. On y va avec la recommandation du serveur... Bon, note à nous-même : ne plus prendre la recommandation du serveur surtout s'il ne parle que portugais !!! Pas évident de converser et poser nos questions! Nous sommes près de l'eau dans le port avec un grand bateau devant nous. Je m'attendais à une super assiette de poissons, sardines, etc... Mais non !!! Des frites, des beans, du riz et des morceaux de steaks. Bien décevant. Ce n'était pas mauvais mais mettons que pour le prix en plus... Je suis curieuse je vais voir les commentaires des gens sur Trip Advisor. Attrape touristes !!!! Trop cher, etc.... Ouin bien.... Très décevant !! Mais on apprend et comme on le dit si bien: on n'est pas vraiment un touriste tant qu'on ne se fait pas arnaquer ein!!

      Ensuite, on se promène dans les rues de Viena. C'est très joli. Les gens font de belles manières à Félix qui lui à son tour, réplique avec de supers sourires comme toujours! Un Gelato en main, on revient déjà à notre camper. Les enfants sont fatigués alors ils s'endorment rapidement en reprenant la route.

      Nous arrivons à Soajo pour comptempler les Espigueiros: "un grenier typique du nord-ouest de la péninsule Ibérique (principalement Galice et Asturies en Espagne, et région Nord au Portugal), construit en bois et pierre, et élevé sur des piliers terminés par des supports plats afin d'en interdire l'accès aux rongeurs. La ventilation est assurée par des fentes dans les murs". La vue est magnifique. Nous sommes dans les montagnes, une rivière passe tout près. C'est beeaaauuuu! Nous décidons par la suite d'aller visiter une arche près de la rivière mais, mal indiqué, nous devons rebrousser chemin. Les minis nous ont faim. On décide d'aller se promener dans les rues du village de Soajo. Wow!! De toute beauté. Tout est en pierre. L'eau coule en dessous des ruelles. C'est vraiment un très beau village. On arrête manger enfin dans un excellent resto local. On opte pour la pieuvre au menu et c'est tellement bon que même Samuel en redemande 3-4 fois. Il adore !!!! Le vino verde maison est également très bon. Pour ceux qui se posent la question, et vino verde est un vin blanc mais plutôt effervescent, un peu pétillant.

      On retourne ensuite par les ruelles de pierre jusqu'au stationnement gratuit pour la nuit pour les VR aussi, espérons que c’est une pratique courante dans les villages!
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      Deux beaux petits coeurs!!! 🥰 [Mom]


      Wow! 😊 [Mom]


      Magnifique endroit, bravo pour les superbes photos...👍❤ [Mom]

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    • Day124


      January 27, 2022 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

      Es ist einfach zu schön hier im Nationalpark um einfach durchzufahren ohne in die Wanderschuhe zu springen und noch schnell eine Runde zu drehen.
      Nala genießt die Wanderungen und trägt stolz ihren Rucksack und unsere Kekse 😅Read more

    • Day121

      Nationalpark Peneda-Gerês

      October 8, 2022 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      Umgeben von Natur - die Luft schmeckt nach Freiheit und Frieden 💚🙏🏼 der einzige Nationalpark in ganz Portugal liegt hier im Norden - eine atemberaubende Landschaft, einfach wunderschön. ⛰️


      Natur pur. Sehr schön

    • Day20


      April 13, 2018 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

      On Monday the 9th Mike and I picked up a rental car at the airport and we headed out of town with Laura and Helen to our next destination - The Pena Palace on the hilltop above Sintra, not too far from Lisbon. This is a big tourist attraction and we were part of a large flock of cars, buses and camera toting tourist to visit. We made a strategic decision not to wait in line to visit the palace but instead wandered around the gardens and the outer areas. The palace is relatively new (mid1800s) and is still used for state functions. I think it is best described as romantic in appearance. Although Helen, the architect, said it reminded her of the Disney castle on steroids. I guess that is not surprising because Ferdinand II, then King Consort to Queen Maria II of Portugal was German and had the castle modeled after the Rhine river castles, as did Disney when designing his main castle.
      We left the crowds of Sintra and headed to the medieval town of Obidos for the night. The castle at Obidos is a beautifully preserved medieval castle and there is a pousada that operates out of the castle. A pousada is like the Spanish Paradores, buildings of historic significance that have been preserved and repurposed into hotels or hostels. So we had our night in the castle! Only 2 challenges: Mike had to thread our rented Peugeot in and out of the medieval walled town with inches on each side to spare, and we had many, many slippery steep steps to climb even to get to our breakfast. Before dinner, We enjoyed a beverage and a quick read at the Literary Man Hotel which features a bar amongst thousands of books built into an old seminary. Very unique and worth a return visit. We had another memorable meal in the small town. Mike and I both enjoyed dishes made from codfish, which is like the national dish although no cod is actually caught in Portuguese waters- all of the catch coming from northern waters.At the end of the evening the very chatty waiter served us a Portuguese brandy called Lourinha. Mac, I think we are taking your perfect vacation.
      We arrived in Porto on Tuesday with a stop for lunch in the picturesque town of Aviero. It is like a little Venice on the coast with small, old fashion wooden boats which are no longer used for trade but only to take tourists out. They were cute but with surprisingly, hmmmm crude cartoons painted on their sides. Laura talked us into the best fish restaurant even though we arrived after lunch hour. They quickly rustled up two large grilled fish with sides.
      Then is was on to Porto where we have spent the past three days. We braved some really rainy, cold weather and saw lots of sites. Pretty much wore all the cold weather clothes we brought each day! One day we headed on a small tour to the Douro region for some wine tasting and a boat ride on the Douro. The Douro river is very scenic and reminded us a bit of the Danube with vineyards on steep hills on each side. We came close to capsizing as a large cruise-style river boat steamed by very quickly. With some quick action by the Captain we were saved from disaster or at least a chilly swim. As part of the vineyard tours we were treated to a homemade lunch which included many courses, too much food and lots of wine from the Douro area. Tasted some interesting blends and some dessert wine from Muscatel grapes (sorry if I got that wrong you wine experts)
      We enjoyed many things about Porto even though we did not see it at its best. There were a number of things we would like to have visited but lining up in the rain was simply not appealing. Lisbon and Porto are now very popular and quite busy with tourists. Places that the discount airlines fly are now quite crowded, even this time of year. We did walk a lot and tasted some ports, ate more great tapas and Laura picked up some nice Gifts.
      Our highlight in Porto had to be last night. Laura contacted a friend from her time walking the Camino de Santiago and Carlos picked us up and took us to a lovely oceanside restaurant for a meal. Laura, the intrepid traveller finally tried the one Portuguese dish that noone else has been brave enough to try. Named Francesinha, it can only be described as a grilled sandwich containing cheese, various meats, perhaps seafood, smothered in cheese, grilled and then served swimming in a piquant, tomato and beer based gravy - yup served with fries. Some stories say that the providence was Napoleon’s army needing calories etc. I think the story about some guys trying to emulate the French Croque Monsieur is likely closer to the truth. Anyway, our Laura soldiered on and ate about half of this concoction while the rest of us had fish/ seafood. We had a defibrillator standing by!

      This morning we cleared out of our Porto digs, said goodbye to our very companionable companions Helen and Laura who must return home and resume normal life. Aka work. We will miss their optimism (« I’m pretty sure the rain is lighter than an hour ago, don’t you think? »). Wé’ll miss Helen’s informative descriptions of all the structures that we see. I was just getting my Baroque and Neo-classical sorted out.We will certainly miss Laura’s enthusiasm for everything and her great restaurant picks.
      Mike and I are taking a break from the cities and are headed for a week of back country Portugal. We’ll try to walk off a bit of the excesses of the past few weeks and see some of the countryside where there are no tour buses or line-ups. More to follow.
      That’s all for now,
      Love Heather/ Mom x
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      That looks straight out if Disney World.


      Now that would be an impressive garage!


      That looks like a great spot!

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    • Day4

      Parc National de Peneda Geres

      September 20, 2020 in Portugal ⋅ 🌧 20 °C

      Notre première visite au Portugal est 100% nature. Le seul parc national du pays nous offre une variété de paysages et une explosion de couleurs, dûe en grande partie à la saison. La route serpente dans les profondes vallées où se nichent de délicieux villages, mouchetés ça et là de leurs sechoirs à grain, les espigueros.Read more

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