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  • Day16

    Our Itinerary

    November 9, 2016 in Iceland ⋅ 🌧 3 °C

    We wanted to end the diary of our journey mentioning the itinerary we have been following. Months ago, when this trip began as an initial idea, we decided we wanted to travel the Iceland Ring Road anti-clockwise, though some travellers we've met during our journey do it the other way around. We then chose the key photographic locations we'd like to visit and how long we thought we'd need to do an area justice, giving us enough time to hopefully get some great photographs. The tricky bit is then converting those basic requirements into a workable itinerary and that was done by Penny, Rob's daughter.

    What she created for us was truly amazing with a level of detail that would amaze you. She arranged all our accommodation, our car hire, flights, everything in fact. We were given latitude and longitude coordinates to guide us, maps and diagrams, essential information we'd need when arriving at our overnight stays and suggestions of sights we may like to see on the way.

    We have used Penny's itinerary every single day and sometimes several times a day. It has been an essential, vital companion on our journey and has meant we have got far more out of our adventure than perhaps we could ever have done without it.

    We would like to thank you, Penny, for all the hard work in creating the journey for us and being our Expedition Support Team.

    Thank you. It's been a fantastic and amazing experience.
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