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  • Day7

    The Last Day on the Yacht

    October 6, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Another great morning weather-wise, being lovely and warm with a deep blue sky, as you can see. Being the last day there was no briefing this morning because the aim was simply to sail back to the home port of Lefkada: be there by 5pm. Breakfast was just a short stroll from the yacht and was the first time there was a waiter whose understanding of English was definitely from the 'could do better' school of international languages. Basically, the problem seemed to be that whatever you asked for it had to be related to coffee or an omelette. 'Toast and Jam' turned onto 'omelette with ham', though everyone concurred they could see how that might happen. What wasn't clear, however, is how a fresh orange juice eventually arrived, but it did.

    On the way back to the boat Rob spotted the sunken plane in the harbour. It seems it was purchased by a local and then sunk into the harbour - why? Who knows, but it's there and just a few metres from the quayside.

    Penny and Tom picked up some pastries for lunch then it was time to leave with Alan at the helm. The bay chosen to stop for lunch was simply perfect and Penny and Rob did a bit of snorkelling and Tom swam as well. All too soon it was time for the final journey of the week ... Rob steered Rincewind out of the bay of turquoise waters, leaving it to become a happy memory.
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