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  • Day46

    St Kitts & Nevis

    February 23, 2013 in Saint Kitts and Nevis ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    St Kitts today and it looks like we're doing a tour of the Caribbean by local bars.
    Today it was Yummies bar and Snackette, which is a typical Caribbean type bar serving local beer and local food which mainly seemed to be rice and beans served with salad. (eat in or take away)
    Once again we just sampled the beer and gave the food a miss, I'm sure one of these days we'll be brave enough to try some, somewhere.
    We had the craic with the owner who called himself 'film star' because he'd met the Prime Minister of St Kitts and had a photo to prove it.
    I must admit in the photo dressed in his white fedora hat and white suit with matching white shoes and blood red scarf he did look every inch the film star.
    Just a pity in real life his tatty shorts and T-shirt, flip flops and crooked teeth ruined the illusion, he was a nice guy though.
    We then headed back to the port and found another bar there called 'Te Pau' which sold Carib beer at 99 cents a bottle!
    Bloody hell, we'd just been paying $2 at 'Yummies bar'
    After 'Te Pau' we returned to the ship for a well earned sleep.
    Later that evening on board ship there was a 'Caribbean Pool Party' but we didn't stay as it mainly consisted of 60 to 70 year old pensioners 'dad' dancing to Bob Marley, and that is not a pretty sight.
    So we finished the evening off in lord's Tavern listening to the brilliant 'Intermission Duo' with Kandy singing at her brilliant best.
    Then off to bed for another well earned sleep.
    Tomorrow it's Tortola, which is just about the most beautiful island I've seen and because we've all seen it before and done the tours and the beach, I think just for a change we'll suss out a local bar, and continue our cultural tour of the Caribbean....hic!...
    Jennifer has had a text off Hazel & posh Peter, and I believe you're reading the blog guys, so this is a quick hi from us all, and we really do wish you were here xx
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