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  • Day45

    Sandra's place is the place to be

    February 22, 2013 in Saint Lucia ⋅ ⛅ 82 °F

    Well St Lucia was good this time round.
    For one thing everything was open, so there were plenty of shops and things to see, which there weren't last time.
    We got some free internet outside a shopping centre not far from the ship.
    Then we had the piece de resistance "Sandra's Bar", which was a shack with seats, by what passed for a river, but looked more like an open drain, but if I'm honest it didn't smell, well not
    In Sandra's bar you could get local Piton beer for $1.20 a bottle and if you were brave enough you cold sample the delights of smoked herring and cucumber salad.
    This delightful local delicacy looked and smelled awful, but Jermain, who was one of the local characters in the bar waxed lyrical on the delights of this wonderful dish.
    We were all panicking in case he offered us a taste, which thankfully he didn't.....phew!
    The place was full of locals coming and going one of them was a girl whose name I didn't get, who before her shift behind the bar at an all inclusive beach resort, sank four or five bottles of Guinness, while telling us of the free shots to be had while she was working in the hotel
    All in all it was a great afternoon where we met some real people and not one of the expensive and contrived trips from the ship where the things you see and people you meet are all put there for the tourists.
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