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  • Day57

    Brain teaser quiz

    September 8, 2014, North Atlantic Ocean ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    For a change we decided not to start the night in the concierge lounge, but to go to the Schooner bar and do the quiz.
    Not only would it make a change but we could use our 3 drinks on our sea passes.
    There by taking full advantage of our "diamond plus amenities " lol.
    Anyway we turn up at the schooner bar for the "brain teaser quiz" and my god did it tease or brains...
    It was one of those riddle type quizzes, where there was a lot of play on words.
    The young lady doing the quiz would ask things like what is the average weight for a human baby?
    Most people had put things like 8lbs 6oz, when the answer was 9 months.
    The twist being the word wait not weight, well all this along with the young quiz master being Spanish and although speaking decent English, her actual pronunciation left a lot to be desired.
    So this all made for a rather unusual quiz, which I personally found good fun, and a bit of a laugh.
    But some people who take these quizzes far too seriously, said it was stupid and didn't like it at all.
    But hey ho, such is life lol.
    After the quiz we all trooped off to the concierge lounge and finished the night off there.
    Which was good, because the Ebb and flow of different people in our company was constant and varied and made for another interesting and pleasant evening.
    I've said many times in the past that the people you meet in the concierge /diamond lounge are interesting and in the main friendly and nice, and this cruise are no exception.
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