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  • Day28

    Krk Island...rainy but 5 star camp site!

    April 28, 2019 in Croatia ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

    We drove onto our first island - Krk Island. Croatia so far has surprised us with its scenery - lined with mountains, rolling hills, as beautiful rugged coasts, the most turquoise sea, and little villages lining the coast with pop up stalls selling roasted pigs, lavender oil and truffle oils.

    We choose a campsite with a pool, but as we arrive the weather sets in so we convince Amelia that we’ll swim tomorrow! Luckily making friends with some Slovenian girls distracted her, and both Amelia and Coen enjoying racing up and down on their scooters while we get to enjoy a glass of wine. We see a sign for the disco so head up to find an awkward, but enthusiastic young lad replicating some Euro pop moves to an audience of 6 that was less enthusiastic...Amelia is not impressed so heads back down to find her friends (or make some new ones) whilst we share travel tips with their parents.

    Next morning, we take a walk along the coast, find a bear cave and some beautiful little coves, and although the weather has not heated back up yet, we brave the pool - a lovely infinity pool which is again slightly on the chilly side - we start to gather that Croatia don’t heat their outdoor pools as by the time the season really kicks off, the sun has heated them!

    There’s also an amazing splash park for the children with some little flumes (which Coen seems to only be able to go down with 180 spins and so he plunges down each time head first into the pool!) and they don’t notice the water temp at all.

    Oh and somehow we took a grand total of 3 photos at this stop?!?!

    Heading south...
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    Alan Bond

    Lovely xxx