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  • Day39

    Birthday celebrations at Sibernik

    May 9, 2019 in Croatia ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    We make good time south, as always since we left the UK the drives are picturesque, with mountain views leading to sea views...and make it to a lovely campsite set on a beach that had been recommended.

    It’s a beautiful site, we can park just a few metres from the beach, the play park and the swimming pool. More crystal clear sea, rocky beaches and a promenade that runs around much of the ‘island’ (this part is still connected to land so is more of a peninsula).

    As the sun shines on our first morning, we find the beach littered with sea urchin shells, some still with their shiny black spikes on. At first, I’m a little nervous about the children touching them, until I see little girl walking along collecting them into piles with her bare hands!! Still I don’t want Coen to face plant into one, so we are a little wary.

    It is also Coens birthday on our 2nd day here, so we’re glad the sun is shining, and we celebrate with ice cream!! The children enjoy playing in the great play parks, and we meet some other English to swap travel tips and stories with.
    After lunch is ‘mussel time’. Nic has spotted some along the promenade and had promised Amelia after the earlier catch that we’d find and cook some for her. He has to avoid grabbing sea urchins disguised amongst the mussels, but gets a good batch, at least a starters-worth that we take back to prepare.

    We have a birthday BBQ for coen with mussels to start and more ice cream to finish, and watch a beautiful sunset (and get eaten by mossies!).

    The children test out the pool (in wetsuits), which some British H&S officers would have a field day in, and we take a nice (Amelia prob wouldn’t use nice..a bit of bribery just about got her there and back) walk along the promenade to see a huge pirate ship.

    Lots of fun had here, but time to move south as we weave our way towards Dubrovnik...
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