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  • Day74

    St Tropez in summertime

    June 13 in France ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    We hit some traffic as we come into the stretch of coast leading to St Tropez, and the first campsite we reach, which looks highly recommended, is full - with the exasperated campsite owner telling me off for not being here at 8.30am to get a pitch (err, does he actually think we can get off of a pitch by 8.30, let alone drive over an hour to our next stop?! It’s now 1pm. Maybe in the pre-children days). He tells us there’s another site a few hundred metres down the road, and we’re pleased they have space - although they still tell us to be quick to choose our pitch before they get booked up...people are pulling in one after one by now.

    We pull in to our space and check out the beach, just a few metres from most pitches on this beach-side site, and see the same huge yacht in the bay from yesterday; apparently owned by a Russian worth £10 billion!

    We were expecting the bay to be smaller and even possibly to SUP over to St Tropez (we are on the opposite side of the bay), but it was way bigger than expected. We have a play/swim on the beach, Amelia gets told off by the campsite people for being naked (she’s been naked for 4.5 yrs so this is a big shock for her) and the next day get a taxi boat over to Saint Tropez. It’s a windy day and as we baorf he taxi boat, the captain tells us he’s not sure if they will be coming back because of the winds, here’s quite a swell - I’m not sure if he’s joking at first, but we get on anyway. On the way over we decide which super yacht we would have (when we figure out how to afford one) and then check out the town. It’s funny, there is not a staggering harbour or buildings in comparison to what we have seen on our travels, but a lot of designer shops! Cute little streets. It’s a really hot day and the children are starting to melt, we decide it’s not our cup of tea but have a nice walk around and buy an amazing chorizo loaf - thank you France!

    Ice cream for the children and 2 hours is enough, back onto the boat, we get a lovely view of Grimaud (named mini-Venice) and head back to the van. Amelia gets to fly her kite as the wind is so strong, and we bbq at the van. We meet a lovely German family next door with a young girl and Amelia makes friends, and the children find they have an amazing toy collevtioonwth them which entertains them for hours. We also go over to see the park where there are deers which the children can feed (pretty tame!).

    This was one of the more expensive stops (a big shock when we check out!) so two nights was enough. Next inland (to water!)...
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