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  • Day12

    Eagle Island, then Potts Harbor

    August 13, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 72 °F

    We waited out the morning fog at Cliff Isl, then lifted anchor around 1:45 and headed out the Eastern side of the cove on our way to Eagle Island. We stopped there and were met —at our boat!! —by John, asst. ranger at the State Historic site of Adm. Matthew Peary’s home. He took us in to shore and we spent the next couple of hours exploring the home (built to resemble a ship, with portholes) and learning more about his discovery of the “geographic” North Pole (not the magnetic one which was found to be in a different place). It is a beautiful island, and I really think it will fit the bill for the one I want. 🤓 We also saw a nest of ospreys. I think the staff there is a little lonely, as they were each very talkative. But at any rate, they also allowed — David — yes, David— to sit and play the player piano that was on the ship the Roosevelt while they took their little jaunt up to the Arctic. I am sure that any day now the curator of the Smithsonian will come by there and will shut that little perk down, especially after they see that David was allowed to do it. The docent had the piano play Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag, lots of fun.

    After leaving Eagle Island (there are no eagles there anymore, by the way) we sailed to Dolphin Marina, in Potts Harbor, on the Harpswell Neck (nearest city: Brunswick, Me). We have already made fast friends with Owen, Master Dockhand and bartender, and have met the marina owner and Sean and John, bartender and bar back , respectively. They have bikes and kayaks we can use, and areas to hike. Also, they have the “Reversing Falls,” which we have to check out. David already wants to stay an extra day.
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    Danny Watts

    I could watch them for hours!