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  • Day2

    Why do we even bother...

    October 22, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Apart from our excitement for the wedding we have really been looking forward to our trip to the Catskill Mountains to see the Fall. And today the day has come to pick up our booked car and drive into the mountains!

    Really excited we got up and ready and began our 1.5 hour journey to the car rental pickup point. Oh and before I carry on, a tip for anyone who wants to rent a car in NYC. If you cross over to NJ then the rental is half the price. We arrived for 12:30pm and all transport ran smoothly. But then things rapidly went downhill. We gave all the relevant documents to the car hire guy and he then asked what insurance we had. We said we don't have any and that the car will have basic insurance. It seems this is not the case. If you are not a US citizen you have to purchase additional insurance for the car and it comes with zero insurance. The guy quoted $45 per day extra for the insurance. This would make the car rental twice the price that we budgeted for it. Apologies for my language but SHIIIIIIT!! Our hearts sank. This did not happen to us last when we rented a car here! We then spent the next hour and a half researching how we can get cheaper insurance or even book the car with an alternative rental company. We came to an absolute dead end. Our two options were to pay $200 extra or cancel our trip to Catskill and stay in NYC. We decided the latter.

    It was now gone 2pm and we were both quite miserable as you can probably understand, so we went for a cheer up dunkin donut lunch. We ordered two cheese bagels, a Boston creme donut and 2 hot drinks. I must admit it was pretty good 😂

    By the time we turned our frowns upside down it was nearly 4pm so we headed back to the flat to put our luggage back down. It was now nearly 6pm. We both decided the one thing that will make us happy is good old home cooked food so we went to the supermarket and bought ingredients for spaghetti carbonara!! It's my favourite dish that Will makes and honestly it made me super happy once we slurped it up.

    Did we make the right decision? Well we saved money by cancelling our accomodation (well we lost 2 nights rent) and car hire, so overall we were winning, but we were both gutted to not see the fall and literally spend a whole day on the subway and buses!

    Tomorrow will be a fresh start so let's see what tomorrow brings! They do say bad luck comes in threes...
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