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  • Day5

    A day of seeing lovely people

    October 25, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

    And finally the day has come to meet up with Will's friends from school / uni!

    During the day we pottered around Central Park, had a Dunkin Donut 2 for $5 Bacon and Egg Croissant and $2 Maple and Pumpkin enormous Iced Coffee. At the time it seemed fun but carrying an iced coffee when it's 8 degrees outside was no t so fun, but it was tasty haha

    Andy was arriving today and we were meeting Simon and family later in the afternoon. Simon, Will's friend from high school, and Countess are getting married on Saturday and we are so glad we've been able to get here to see them! Si's parents have been the absolute best and offered to bring our clothes for the wedding with them so that we didn't need to worry carrying it round for the next couple of months. As we needed to kill a few hours before seeing everyone we set off walking through Central Park. I remember the first time I came to NYC and walking through the park. I must admit I still have that feeling I had then... SERIOUSLY WHY ARE THERE ROADS RUNNING THROUGH THIS PARK! I always thought Central Park was going to be a really beautiful, ambient and QUIET park. Its quite nice and has interesting sections but the ambience is completely destroyed by the roads which divide various sections of the park. However, this time I was prepared and wandering through an autumnal park in the crisp air was really lovely. Also the park is really really big and so by the time we got to the end it was nearly time to meet Si's parents to pick up our clothes,but before we did we squeezed in a cheeky dollar pizza slice and a wander around Times Square.

    When we got to the hotel it was a long awaited moment. Andy, Si and Will have not been together for years, but honestly it's like they had never been apart. We all sat chatting in Si's parents hotel suite and it was really good fun. Before heading for dinner me and Will ran back through the park to drop our clothes off and then back where we joined everyone for a vegan Asian dinner. I ordered the bibimbap and it was absolutely delicious!

    After dinner myself, Will and Andy went for a quick night cap and then headed home for even more chatting.

    It's been such a lovely day and it's been so nice to see everyone. I can't wait for the next few days of just chilling with our friends.
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