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  • Day16

    Sunrise then Back to Chaos

    December 4, 2018 in India ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

    At about 6:30am we got out of our tent, moved our blankets back outside and led under the twilight sky. It was cold!!! Then when the sun began to rise we moved to the top of the dune to enjoy it in all it's glory.

    For breakfast we went back to the resort and then headed to Jaisalmer the near by city, back to the hustle and bustle and checked into our hotel. Ajay has been such an amazing driver finding us fantastic hotels for within our budget with towels and hot water!! He's definitely getting mates rates!

    Around lunch time we went for a quick bite to eat and then to our final Fort of Rajasthan. The Fort of Jaisalmer is the largest living Fort in India. It reminded me of scenes from the Game of Thrones with people living their daily lives within the walls of the Fort. We didn't bother going to the museum and instead got lost down the tiny alleys and streets of the Fort. To be honest the Fort isn't actually that big compared to others we have seen and we saw the whole thing by about 3pm. We then sat on a wall, people watched and then went for chai and did some more people watching. A friendly rickshaw driver came and sat with us just to chat and practise his English and told us all about the Fort and how he has always lived within the city walls. He didn't mention a single thing about wanting money or selling us a tour, it was eye opening!

    In the evening we were hoping to meet Alex our friend from Taiwan who happened to be there that day but unfortunately she got side tracked and then had to get her bus. We watched sunset at the Fort walls and then ummed and ahhed for AGES about what we wanted for dinner. We have been in India for about 2 weeks now and in Rajasthan for most of that. I never thought I'd say it but I'm getting a bit sick of the food. Not because it's not delicious but because in this region the food is very very samey and not refreshing. For example it is a huge no no to get salads (in case it is washed in tap water) and so you end up eating some sort of piping hot vegetarian spicy dish with rice or chapattis everyday. I'm dying for a refreshing salad. We are eating a lot of fruit during the day but I could kill for a salad in the evening.

    We did a bit of research and ended up going to a tourist restaurant as it did slightly different local dishes on the menu. We had Guttu Curry and Chapattis and it was delicious.
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