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  • Day9

    At sea

    April 21 in the United States

    Ship time
    It's all old people! 2 babies, 2 children. Haven't seen a teenager (except for the performers)
    Means it is quiet. Not much interesting happening on board and for what there is, I'm missing having Susan along to do things with. We've done two of the shows and they have been pretty good. The lecturer has a lot of information, but he doesn't keep things straight in his head - confusing the British and the Spaniards quite regularly, for example - so I don't know if we will go to anymore lectures.
    I smashed a wine glass on Friday night - we let them know about the broken glass. It was still there Saturday morning and still there Sunday morning. I tried to adjust a blind yesterday in the Observation lounge but it went all wonky. It is still all wonky today. So, I am not impressed with housekeeping - they don't seem to take any pride in their workplace.
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  • Day8


    April 20 in Canada

    Friday April 20 - Stop in Victoria
    Sue picked us up at 8:30. It was easy to get off here - dropped of customs forms the night before and we took our passports with us to get back on. First stop was Tim hortons for breakfast, stopped at Beacon Hill Park to enjoy it with the peacocks. Then we went to ICBC to try to get my license renewed, but no dice. They had recorded the details of an earlier telephone call and knew that I wasn't living in BC for 6 months out of a year. I guess that it saved us 80 bucks, but still sad I blew it.Read more

  • Day7

    Pier 66, Seattle

    April 19 in the United States

    Monday April 16
    We caught a ride to the airport with John and Miriam, so we had a companion at the airport to while away the time. Miriam and I spent it checking out the expensive gift stores.

    Flights were all on time, with no major waiting anywhere. Arrived Seattle just about 8 pm. We caught the light rail into the city - it went quite smoothly. We weren't sure where we were when we exited the underground. Our trip planner directions were fairly clear, we thought, but as we found a few times, the city signs didn't match the instructions we had. So, we stopped on a street corner and called an Uber, which arrived in a timely manner and got us to the apartment safely. Because we were arriving fairly late, arrangements were for us to get the security fob from a lock box outside the building. All was in order.

    The Air b n b we stayed at was a studio apartment that was clean and comfortable. It was missing a few things - coffee beans were provided but no coffee grinder. There was a cable tv receiver, but no place to plug it in. No full-length mirror or blender. Whoever had done the housekeeping had either not washed the dishes properly or had not checked to make sure that the previous guest had washed the dishes. The apartment itself faced onto an alley, so no view to speak of, but there is a lovely roof deck with both outside and inside spaces. There was a good view of the sunset over buildings and the day we boarded the ship we had a close-up view. Pier 66 is directly in front of the apartment (with a city block in between)

    Went for dinner to the Belltown Pub on 1st Avenue. It was late, but we walked in just in time for Happy Hour. They have it twice a day - 4 to 6:30 and 10 to 1 am on weekdays. Decent prices for small plates and a buck off beer and ciders and well drinks.

    Tuesday April 17
    We got back on transit and took a city bus out to Renton to visit Fry's electronics and while there we (I) stopped in at Ross, Marshalls, and Target. Same bus back to the city and our apartment and then an Uber to Safeco Field for the baseball game. It was 'Bark at the Park' - happens twice a year where dog owners pay for a seat for their dog and bring them along. There were 200-400 dogs in the audience.

    Wednesday April 18
    We headed to Pike Place for breakfast and then wandered up to Westlake Center. I bought a pair of shoes, but that was the extent of our shopping.

    Thursday April 19
    Embarkation Day. We chose the earliest time available to show up at the pier. There were already hundreds of people there when we arrived. Disordered Chaos. The congestion started when trying to drop off our bags. We had to break through line to tag our bags, then get back in line and in the end we dropped our bags where we started. Throughout that mess there were porters randomly picking up bags - which is understandable when being done for a fee, but this seemed to be done for free and maybe a tip.

    Once the bags were dropped we walked another half block to the terminal building. This part worked fairly smoothly to get our check-in done and keys in our hands. Then we moved on to the holding area awaiting the time we could actually get on board. Having done it a few times, we knew that we couldn't just walk on, so we checked with other passengers. The ones we asked that had arrived at the room before us (they had physically arrived almost an hour later than us, but somehow they were processed more quickly) showed us that they were given a group number for boarding. One by one these numbers were being called. By the time we got there, there were no numbers left. That is when the chaos started. People were walking into the room and straight into the line. Others were going before their number was called. I heard a man ask for his number and was told to go back to the desk where we were checked in. In the end we were only in the room for an hour before we got onboard - we joined the 'group' of the people who told us about the group numbers, which was the last number. So, not altogether bad, but had there been some semblance of organization or information the cruiseline would have had happier customers.

    Once onboard….

    Room was ready when we got on so we dumped the bags we carried on and got a snack. 3 or 4 pieces of luggage arrived fairly quickly but the last piece was delivered just as we were getting into bed. We had a couple bottles of wine and a little leftover vodka from Seattle and we packed it, figuring it would be taken away from us on boarding to be returned when we land in Miami. However, there it was in our bags.

    James, our room steward made himself known the next day. Seems to be a friendly chap and good at his job. He delivered chocolates one night for us - a nice little present from him.
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  • Day1

    Left home mid morning. Arrived Guadalajara safely thanks to Steve's good driving. Checked into an executive room. Had lunch at Chai in centro. 2-4 M-F 2x1 on cocktails and a selection of sandwiches, wraps and paninis.

  • Day0

    Our ship - the Norwegian Sun is getting all gussied up for us!
    The stops on our Itinerary will be:
    Seattle, USA
    Victoria, CA
    San Francisco, USA
    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
    Acapulco, Mexico
    Puntarenas, Costa Rica
    the Panama Canal
    Cartagena, Colombia
    Miami, USA
    Port Canaveral, USA

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