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  • Day93

    Super expensive Dubai

    July 13 in the United Arab Emirates ⋅ ⛅ 37 °C

    Well 4 days here feels like more than enough. I forgot that I arrived in the hottest month of the year when the locals tend to leave and although the buildings and the malls and the shopping are all spectacular are also eye-wateringly expensive.

    I tried a couple of times walking down to the malls but arrived dripping with sweat and was unable to stomach a base taxi fee of about 20 bucks to go 3 km.

    Also living in aircon gets a bit old.

    I did have one interesting story I went out for dinner and as was giving directions to the taxi driver on the way home when a couple of young African women all dressed up to party jumped in the back seat (I was in the front passenger seat) and they were asking to go to the area near where I was. The driver asked them to hop out but I said it's fine, they can stay and take the taxi from my hotel as it would save them about 3/4 of the fare

    So we were chatting on the way back on the way and I noticed the taxi driver looking super uncomfortable and then the chattier one started stroking my shoulder. Now as good as my self esteem is it occurred to me that it wasn't solely my devastating good looks that were prompting the interest. Anyway I enjoyed the chat and declined the offer to party which was graciously received and I decided I should refrain from inviting attractive young women to share taxis with me in Dubai 😀
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    Halve the listed prices and you have the NZ price - eek