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  • Day37


    October 11, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 75 °F

    Sarah decided to stay home tidy a cupboard and revise for an alcohol serving qualification. So Trev and I took the bus to Redcliffe to enjoy a walk and some lunch. We got off the 690 at Pelican Park. If we had arrived before 10 am we could have seen the resident pelicans who can still be seen sitting or standing on the top of the lampposts at the end of the Hornibrook Highway bridge, even though they are encouraged not to by devises fitted to the lamps!
    Pelican Park is named in honour of these amazing winged creatures. The park is located at the southern end of Redcliffe Peninsula just next to Bells Beach. It juts out into Bramble Bay, making it the perfect spot for pelicans to land. Often they return at sunset to perch high above the bridge as the hues of red and gold bathe the sky – a marvelous sight to behold for commuters travelling home across the water.
    We walked along the Clontarf / Redcliffe path all the way around Clontarf’s bay, passing through rock-lined Bell’s Beach to the Woody Point jetty, a 230m structure of recycled hardwood, 2.5km. It was also in this vicinity that Matthew Flinders stepped ashore in 1799 during his exploration of the bay and, inspired by the red soil outcrops, named the peninsula Redcliffe.
    We had lunch at Feelgoodz, having a Citrus Iced Tea float for the first time - tea over crush ice with orange ice cream and topped with lemon sorbet, Yum!! The chicken, bacon, Avo and spinach sandwich wasn't bad either. After lunch we returned home stopping to pick up supplies and an Iced Latte for Sarah. I then spent at least an hour in the pool, enjoying the cool water and warm air temperature.
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