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  • Day89

    Reading books

    February 3 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    Our night at our new hostel wasn't fantastic, it was hot in the room and the air was bad. But it was all alright because today was a chill day. In the morning we went to an agency and booked a cruise trip to the Doubtful Sound for the next day. We were told that the tickets for it were being sold fast, because the other popular cruise option in this area (the Milford Sound) was cancelled. Turns out the entire road to Milford Sound of 120km, the road we drove the previous day, was closed due to flooding and 380 tourists were stuck there. Back at the hostel we saw some videos of landslides and parts of the road had just been washed away. How lucky were we to have done this yesterday! It was hard to realise how close we were. Just because of our hostel change we actually did it the day before. Lucky us!

    We did some grocery shopping and then just read some books. It was amazing to have this lazy day while the rain was pouring down outside.
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