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  • Day122

    Aussie salute

    March 7 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    As almost every morning, we woke up with the sunrise. It just makes sense to try and use the cooler part of the day for activities. Today that meant exploring the coast line around Kalbarri. We went to one of the parkings and had a walk along the cliffs. We noticed once more that we were the only car on a pretty big car park. By now we are doubting that that is because we are so early. Maybe the West Coast is just not busy generally, it is not main season or corona keeps all tourists away. We don't know but we like it.

    We also went to a place called Pot Alley. On the pictures the water and beach looked very nice. Being there it was actually the impressive red rocks and Cliffs surrounding it that made us like it a lot.

    When we arrived in Kalbarri we did some grocery shopping, but when we returned to our van and wanted to load the stuff in, one of our plates slid out of the kitchen 'drawer' onto the asphalt and broke into many pieces. We already anticipated for awhile this could happen but we didn't really have a solution for it. Now we had enough and searched long enough for a carton box that fit and helped so that it won't happen again.

    Due to a lack of free campsites around Kalbarri we went for a paid one. The bonus of this is usually decent kitchen facilities. To make it easier for ourselves in the evenings, we cooked the warm meal of the day for lunch again. Wraps was on the menu for today, but we hadn't anticipated that we had to share it. Dozens of bush flies joined our lunch, and it turns out that besides our skin, they really like meat and lettuce as well. It was difficult to prepare it properly without them touching everything, and if they fly into your eye on every other bite then eating wraps isn't very relaxing either. We researched a bit about the bush flies and learned that they're the cause behind the Aussie salute gesture, where someone "waves one hand in front of their face at regular intervals in order to prevent bush flies from landing on it, or entering one's nose or mouth". We were slowly becoming masters of this gesture, but were still happy we could escape to our van afterwards where they didn't bother us much.

    We had some time left, the weather was warm and we were in a coastal town. So it was logical to ask for the local swimming beach and give it a go. It was very refreshing but we have to add that even if you know that it's supposed to be a swimming beach it is a bit of an uncomfortable feeling if there is none else in sight. After a quick dip in the refreshing water and a shower, we headed to the perfect sunset watching spot. Yes, we are not getting tired of trying. And this time we were rewarded. Apart from a tiny cloud layer, we could watch the sun disappear in the ocean. Back at the camping the sky turned pretty orange and red which had a cool effect at the river delta. So Susanne went for another small walk before we fell into bed being quite tired.
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