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  • Day31

    Kona - Big Island

    April 29, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Up at 4am this morning or thereabouts ready for a quick flight to Big Island, Hawaii. This island can fit all other islands of Hawaii within its perimeter thus its name.

    So I'll share with you some facts I learnt today ....

    The view of Waikiki on take off was super cool :) and flew over diamond head crater as well. Then landing on Kona was surprised to see the amount of volcanic rock covering the island near he airport from previous lava flow. This from lava flowing dating back to 1801

    Big Island is the youngest Island being 800,000 years old and has 5 volcanos located on it. There are two completely different weather systems from the east to the west. 25 inches vs 130 inches of rain !

    The haze seen around the island is due to VOG volcanic gas or sulphur dioxide coming from the Island

    Our tour guide Sun was awesome and so so informative on everything cultural, ecological and touristy of the Island....

    We discovered they do macadamia nuts in multiple of different flavours including spam.....

    Spam .... the Hawaiian steak .... who would have thought

    Two different sorts of volcanic rock ... I'll attach pictures as I can't spell it haha

    2500 degrees fareinheit when it comes out as it cools to 1600 degrees fareinheit it starts to look like AA volcanic rock

    Coconuts aren't native to Hawaii

    You could sneak home some lava rock from the goddess of fire however fables say you will have bad luck and people have posted rock back before

    Population of big island is 198,000
    Honolulu 1 million people

    80 feet tall / 24 meters rainbow falls

    Longest lava Tube in the national park is 23 miles long in this park . Location has not been disclosed as at yet

    Kilauea is the only volcano in the world experiencing 2 eruptions at the same time

    Most of the beaches on Big Island are made of Black sand - it is made of course volcanic rock. As lava is pouring into the ocean it breaks it into smaller pieces and the ocean wears it down even more and it releases a naturally formed gem stone.
    Big Island also has 1 of only 4 in the world green sand beaches - (emerald colour) big island and only one white sand beach.

    The Banyan tree is just one tree but as the branches/leaves hangout out touch the fertile ground it makes roots and forms another trunk

    Don't we all feel smarter now !!
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