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    • Feb2

      Day 55 - Sunrise over Koh Samui

      February 2, 2022 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

      We were awoken by a cacophony of alarm clocks all going off at 3am. Having showered, dressed & fully packed, we noisily trundled through the sleeping resort at 3.50am to find our taxi driver waiting for us outside reception.

      The taxi ride took 30 minutes back to Thong Sala, where we collected our ferry & bus tickets, then boarded the ferry. We sat outside at the back to witness our 1st sunrise of the trip. At 5am sharp, we pulled out of the port for the 36 mile 1st leg of our long journey home.

      As we passed Koh Samui, the sun started to rise providing us quite a dramatic red sky with angry black clouds over the island. Apparently the weather was due to change & rain was forecast for the next few days. We were getting out just in time!

      Once daylight was upon us, we decided to move inside to the comfy seats & it was then that we discovered that our luggage & feet were filthy. We had been standing in soot deposits from the funnels. Everything was black & so began a clean up operation using wet wipes.

      We arrived at Don Sak Pier at 7.20am without the slightest sniff of a Pink Dolphin.
      We then boarded a minibus to take us to their bus station, where we transferred to another minibus to take us the next 68 miles to Surat Thani.

      This journey ended at a travel office, where we had to wait just 10 minutes for the Phuket bus to arrive. We spent the next 5 and a half hours & 142 miles on the bus before we were dropped off at a taxi rank near to Phuket International Airport.

      The bus ride was a very pleasant experience. Jackie & I had a double seat each & the route on Highway 401 took us through the mountainous jungle of Khao Sok National Park to Takua Pa Bus Terminal where we stopped for a 15 minute break.

      Now Takua Pa Bus Terminal was where I nearly had a toilet disaster last time, but no such problems this time. However, Jackie took it upon herself to visit the 7-11 & returned with our breakfast/lunchtime snacks. She gave me my snack which she thought was a pineapple pastry, but was in fact a corn pastry as clearly written on the wrapper. It was too late to change it so I took a bite of what was sweetcorn in custard in pastry. Disgusting & totally inedible!

      Jackie had bought herself a double pocket sandwich, but she had picked up a crab stick sandwich doubled up with a pulled pork sandwich which she doesn’t like. Jackie tried to placate me her unwanted pulled pork sandwich, which when I sniffed it had a hint of crab. No thanks.

      Now hungry, the bus continued down the Andaman Sea coast road via Khok Kloi to Phuket where upon entry we were stopped & two surly police officers boarded the bus & demanded to see everyone’s documents. We had to provide our passports & proof of our vaccinations. (The Anti-Vaxxers won’t be holidaying in Thailand anytime soon!) Three Thai people were also escorted off the bus & didn’t return.

      At the taxi rank, a lone taxi driver agreed to take us & 2 lads to our respective destinations for just 100 Baht each. We dropped off one lad off at a shitty little hotel, the 2nd at an empty International Departures, then he dropped us off at our new hotel, Himaphan Boutique Resort.

      Jackie was immediately on the lookout for things to complain about because I had overruled her & booked this hotel. It was considerably cheaper than the one she wanted to stay in that we had stayed in when we first landed in Thailand on this trip.

      Here we go with her complaints :-
      Firstly, the receptionist didn’t speak very good English.
      Secondly, we were the last room at the back of the resort. It was a long walk, NOT how lovely & secluded it was!
      Thirdly, the internet is rubbish. It was a bit, but I went back to reception & he rebooted the internet for us & it is fine now.
      Fourthly, the aircon is not cold enough. FFS, give it time to do it’s job.
      Fifthly, some of the other guests seem a bit scummy, which is what you get if you go too cheap. She had seen just one fat bloke with lots of tattoos. Ok that’s enough now!

      The 53 metre square room is actually very very nice, well furnished, a large comfy bed & fully glazed on two sides with sliding doors & a balcony overlooking attractive gardens. We also have complimentary tea, coffee, bottles of water & a lift to the airport, all for just £29 a night. Say no more!

      After ending the discussion on the pros & cons of the new hotel, we headed out for a beer & a much needed snack. We found Cafe 32120, a quirky little place where we enjoyed a couple of small Changs each & shared a plate of vegetable spring rolls. We then found a little Thai restaurant that seemed very popular with the locals, so we had another couple of beers & marvelled at how efficient & speedy their cooking methods with their woks were. We are going to be returning the following night apparently.

      After popping into 7-11, we returned to our luxurious hotel room for a quick Hong Thong, a freshen up & then it was back out to Naiyang Cafe, which I had been looking forward to for nearly 8 weeks. It is a Muslim restaurant, so no alcohol so we ordered lemon & passion fruit sodas, which were a taste sensation. Jackie ordered teriyaki fried chicken on rice & I had the healthy option of glass noodles with grilled chicken & teriyaki. The attention to the detail in the presentation was excellent & it was all so so good.

      A quick snifter on the balcony finished off our evening at the unbelievably late hour of 10pm.

      Song of the Day: Sunrise by Pulp.
      Stormclouds by New Model Army.
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      Andy and Teresa Mays

      You wake up and yawn!

      Simon and Jackie Annals


    • Dec11

      Day 2 - A Day of Plotting and Planning

      December 11, 2021 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

      Woke up very early to the sad news that Thomas ‘Mensi’ Mensforth, legendary singer with the Angelic Upstarts had died from Covid. Followed soon after by the depressing, but unsurprising news that England had capitulated and lost the 1st Test in Australia.

      We should know better, but out of laziness we had the American Breakfast at our hotel, which seems to be the same throughout Thailand - an insubstantial plate of cold bacon & eggs with pale toast & jam. The only bonus was the free unlimited coffee.

      After breakfast, we booked a taxi and a bus for tomorrow to take us just over 200 miles up the coast to the town of Ranong which has a ferry port for the Thai islands in the Andaman Sea, just south of Myanmar. We also plotted our onward trip, identifying locations and hotels we wanted to stay at, now the world (Thailand) was our oyster. I booked a hotel for one night in Ranong for £19 through with £1.90 cash back (wow) via then refused to play ball whilst I was trying to get my 10% cash back on more substantial accommodation bookings.

      We then headed out for a stroll to:- 1. Visit Mai Khao Beach for a spot of plane spotting; and 2. To buy an SD card reader which I stupidly forgot to pack. The stroll was totally unsuccessful:- 1. The beach was part of the Sirinat National Park and there was a 200 baht (less than £5) fee each for foreigners to enter. We were too tight to fork out for this which as I write I am already regretting and 2. After traipsing round the streets I was informed that the nearest shop I might get one was 15km away. For the meantime I won’t be able to upload my photos from camera.

      We returned to our hotel and sat on sun beds around the spotless swimming pool. I read a book, whilst Jackie read a Thai visa Facebook forum with news that some Brit had tested positive for Covid when they landed at Phuket & were now confined to 10 days quarantine in the local hospital. This prompted a panic with several people deciding to cancel their Thailand holiday for fear of spending Christmas & New Year stuck in a Thai hospital. (It sounded like the Bangkok Hilton). Thank god we were both negative!

      I was in charge of lunch which was intended to be a couple of beers from the 7-11, but they apparently don’t serve alcohol until 5.00pm. I’m not sure if this is a Covid thing or what. So instead I returned with a selection of snacks including Spaghetti Bolognese Baked Corn Snacks & Cheese Choco wafer. Hopefully I won’t be trusted with going shopping again!

      It was a lovely 30 degree sunny afternoon as we chilled out on our sun beds under the the gently swaying fronds of a palm tree 🌴. I tried & failed to secure any cash back, whilst Jackie continued to read her Facebook forum which had turned sinister, with a husband & wife seeking a Thai lady for a sexual relationship. This seemed to give the green light for sex tourists to add their penny’s worth, then genuine tourists started giving them a torrent of abuse for misusing the forum. It sounded much more interesting than my book!

      At 5.00pm on the dot, I dashed down to a local supermarket for a couple of cans of beer & upon my return I managed to book 4 nights onward accommodation via CompleteSavings getting us £14 in cash back. That would more than pay for tonight’s dinner. Right result. I celebrated with a Spag Bol snack that tasted of Spag Bol, but a very sickly sweet version of it.

      Jackie was hungry and decided she wanted to eat locally rather than walk a mile to some restaurants we had kindly been recommended. We ended up back in the same restaurant as the previous night, which was disastrous and we later found out was due to alleged staff shortages. Our dinner took over 90 minutes to arrive & was nowhere near as nice as the previous night, in fact despite ordering exactly the same dish I got something completely different. To add insult to injury, the bill was more expensive because despite not having a pancake for afters, we had drunk more beer waiting for the food to arrive.

      We both unwarrantedly blamed each other for this perceived debacle, which led to a tetchy nightcap on our balcony eating the disgusting Cheese Choco wafers. (As I write it feels like we both somewhat overreacted. I put it down to jet lag. 1st world problems, hey!).

      Songs of the Day: Last Night Another Soldier by Angelic Upstarts.
      Mr Politician by Angelic Upstairs.
      (My Tributes to Mensi that do seem topical in the current climate)
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    • Dec10

      Day 1 - Never in Doubt

      December 10, 2021 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

      Fed up with the miserable English weather and having self diagnosed as suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, Jackie and I decided to head to South-East Asia for Christmas and New Year. After much research, the only country in that region was Thailand who was opening up it’s borders to foreign tourists from 4th November 2021.

      Apart from drawing up a broad itinerary for our 56 day trip, I can take no credit for all the planning & form filling that had to be done to make the trip possible. Jackie booked the flights, applied for Thai visas to allow us to stay over 30 days, then applied for a Thai Pass to prove we were double vaccinated and sufficiently insured. She also had to book a Covid PCR test to be taken not more 72 hours before we flew, a Thai Covid PCR test for when we landed and an approved Thai hotel for our first 24 hours in Thailand whilst we awaited the result the Thai Covid test results.

      If this wasn’t stressful enough for Jackie, I added to it by announcing that I had three gig nights in a row on the weekend before we were due to fly, which was potentially the worst thing I could do to enhance my chances of catching Covid. A positive PCR test would have meant cancelling our entire trip, but there was no way I was missing a 40th anniversary New Model Army bonanza of 60 songs over 2 nights. (The other gig was Nine Below Zero).

      Two days before our flight we duly had our PCR test & if we thought there was any chance of cheating the system, we were sadly mistaken. We had to show our passports as proof of identity & the staff actually performed the test on us through the car window. We were told we would be emailed the result at or before 10pm the following day.

      At 10pm the following evening we still hadn’t heard a thing. We went to bed an hour later with Jackie fretting like a good’un. I fell asleep, however my email confirming a negative result arrived at 0005 hours. Jackie, by now nauseous & hyperventilating, was apparently up emailing the testing company until after 1.30am, when they finally sent confirmation she was also negative. Hurrah!!

      At 3.30am the alarm went off & after a taxi & coach ride we were all checked in & in the airside bar at Heathrow Airport just five hours later. Heathrow T2 was virtually empty and absolutely no queues anywhere. A very pleasant experience.

      Our Thai Air flight TG919 on a Boeing 777 was only half full and the only thing I want to say about it was that the inflight service was very minimal - a small meal at either end of the 11 and a half hour flight with just one drinks service of wine or beer.

      It was around 6.40am local when we landed at Phuket International Airport and we discovered that we were the only flight in. Only half of the passengers on our flight were disembarking, the remainder were flying on to Bangkok. This made for a speedy dash through Arrivals, producing our reams of paperwork to the Health Authority, Immigration, Customs & then the Testing Centre, where staff in full Hazchem outfits performed another PCR test on us. Less than 40 minutes later, with all the formalities completed we headed to the exit with our rucksacks and were herded into a taxi to take us to our Phuket Airport Hotel just 600 metres from airport to await this latest PCR test result. Easy!!

      We spoke too soon. The taxi driver dropped us off at the Phuket Airport Place, but he was insistent it was the correct place. He then drove off without payment. We were gutted because it was a shithole, but luckily for us the receptionist confirmed we were in the wrong place & very kindly summoned the taxi driver back to take us to the very nice Phuket Airport Hotel. We still didn’t pay the taxi driver.

      The exceptionally helpful receptionist at our hotel, sorted us out with downloading the Thai equivalent of the NHS Covid app to our phones, explained how we would be informed of the PCR test result, then sent us to our room with a large bottle of Chang each.

      We slept until 3.30pm and discovered that shortly after 11.00am we had been emailed confirmation that we were negative & good to go to enjoy our trip. The final hoop had been jumped through.

      We celebrated by getting up for a cold beer with a late lunch. Our hotel didn’t serve food other than breakfast, but our exceptionally helpful receptionist ordered us a takeaway of chicken, basil & egg fried rice which he recommended. It arrived about 10 minutes later by moped and our two portions cost us a total of just £3. It was very nice AND very hot.

      We were still tired so went back to bed for a couple of hours before popping out in the evening for dinner. Our chosen restaurant, just around the corner, did not have an English menu and after several attempts we managed to order a Pad Thai & a chicken & cashew nuts with rice. This together with a banana & chocolate pancake for pudding and all washed down with 4 beers came to the princely sum of £10.

      The evening was finished on our balcony with a Hong Thong & Coke, whilst tentatively identifying our accommodation for Christmas Day.

      Song of the Day : So Sad About Us by The Jam.
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      Glad it went smoothly!

      Simon and Jackie Annals

      Thanks Emma, it was a relief when the test results came back negative!


      Have a great time. Looking forward to reading all your updates. Px

      Simon and Jackie Annals

      Hi Pam, hope both you and Tony are well. We couldn’t wait any longer to get away. I trust you have been enjoying your camper van travels when restrictions have let you

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    • Day17

      🛫 von Singapur nach Phuket 🛬

      January 18 in Thailand ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

      Heute heißt es Abschied nehmen von der Mein Schiff 5, deren Crew 🛳️ und von Singapur 🇸🇬. Es geht mit Scoot per Flugzeug ✈️ nach Phuket in den Süden Thailands 🇹🇭. Von dort aus starten wir den zweiten Teil unserer Südostasien-Reise - 4 Wochen durch das Land des Lächelns.

      In Phuket wollen wir ankommen, wieder festen Boden unter den Füßen spüren, entspannen (ja, auch Massagen) und Ideen für die nächsten Stationen unserer Reise sammeln.
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      Lieber Markus, vielen Dank für Deine tollen Berichte und Fotos. Wir leben Eure Reise richtig mit und wünschen Euch noch schöne, auch erholsame, Wochen in Thailand.

    • Feb4

      Day 57 - You’re Beautiful……………………Really!

      February 4, 2022 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

      At 8am the alarm rang on our final morning in Thailand. We drank copious amounts of instant coffee & water, then showered, packed & headed to reception at 10am.

      Our receptionist was waiting with his car & he drove us 2 minutes up the road to International Departures. We arrived 2nd in the Thai Air queue, behind Sue & Larry Hook who are in their 70’s from Dorset. Sue was a Mrs Bouquet character & asked Jackie how long we had been in Thailand for. When Jackie told her 2 months, Sue Bucket said that they had only been away for one month, but quickly added that they normally go away for 3 months & they always go back to the same place in Khao Lak. Sue Bucket then tried to impress us further by listing all the places they had been to in India. I zoned out, but I think Jackie out Asian country’d her.

      We had to endure this point scoring for longer than necessary, because the Thai Airways check-in computers had crashed. Eventually we able to check in & we had to show proof of our Passenger Locator Forms & proof that we had been fully vaccinated.

      As we went airside, a lesbian security guard who was only about 20 years old, asked Jackie to remove her mask, then gasped “Oh. You’re beautiful”. FFS, I’m not going to hear the end of this!

      No-one complimented me on my looks, instead at the search area my rucksack was searched over & over again until they found the unidentified article, my new mini hip flask, a Christmas present from my parents.

      The duty free shop was deserted & staff were just starting to re-stock the shelves after probably being closed for the last 2 years. There were no cigarettes on display & the only ones available to buy were Chinese.

      We boarded the Thai Airways 777 at 12.30pm & discovered that it was less than a quarter full. This meant that Jackie & I both had a set of three seats to ourselves including a window. It promised to be a good flight.

      Shortly after taking taking off, the crew came round with our very satisfactory dinner of chicken curry. Over the next hour or so, Jackie managed to eke 5 glasses of red wine for us each from the crew despite a tannoy message to say that alcohol would only be served with meal service.

      Our flight took us out over the Andaman Sea, over the Andaman Islands across the top of India. It was then over Pakistan, north of Karachi & then over Iran, where we were treated to clear skies & fantastic views of the barren mountainous landscape below. Sadly as we approached Tehran, a carpet of thick cloud obscured the view of planet earth.

      Around 9.30pm, Phuket time, the crew came out with a 2nd meal which was absolutely farcical. We were offered a choice of shrimp or fish. Jackie chose shrimp, but they only had fish left. She opened up her dinner & immediately put the grey fish, grey rice & grey vegetables to one side.

      In the meantime, I had politely explained to the steward that I was fish & seafood intolerant, but I would take the rest of it with a glass of wine. The baffled steward offered me another chicken curry, but I would have to wait 10 minutes for it to cook. Whilst waiting I decided there was nothing else on my tray that I wanted to eat.

      10 minutes later my chicken curry arrived & it was as dry as a bone, because it had no doubt been heated up again from the 1st meal service. I nibbled at it, then the crew offered me a vegetarian meal, which looked like Jackie’s fish without the fish.
      I declined, then they brought me out some posh bread rolls from down the front of the plane. I took a bread roll, then cheekily asked for some cheese & biscuits. I was presented with a selection that I accepted & shared with Jackie. We also managed to get a total of three glasses of wine each out them.

      I should add that I wasn’t the only fussy one, Mrs Bucket had a field day with her complaints. The weirdest thing about it all was that as soon as the crew had cleared in the trays & stopped serving alcohol, they randomly handed out to each of us a triple chicken sandwich. I couldn’t even contemplate attempting to eat it, but Jackie had a good go.

      The evening sunset was quite spectacular as we skirted the southern shores of the Black Sea. The sun sank down into darkness as our journey continued across Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Belgium & finally good old Blighty. Our 13 and a half hour flight landed at Heathrow at 7.45pm. A long flight, but made so much easier when you can stretch your legs out over three seats!

      Getting through the arrivals procedures at an empty Heathrow was an absolute doddle. The immigration process allowed us to go straight through the E-reader booths & there were no requests to produce our Passenger Locator Forms. Our luggage came out with minutes & there were no customs to stop us.

      As a result we were able to catch an earlier National Express than planned, giving me the opportunity to watch the FA cup football on my IPad & the disappointing penalty shootout at home, which was lovely & warm thanks to our neighbour, Emma.

      Song of the Day: You’re Beautiful by James Blunt.
      Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver.
      Planet Earth by Duran Duran.
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      Welcome home! Enjoyed reading about your trip and all your adventures! xx

      Simon and Jackie Annals

      Thanks Chris. How’s the orangery coming on?


      It’s Angela! Orangery coming along, roof is tiled and glazing next week! xx

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    • Day3

      I`m singing in the rain 🎶

      August 2, 2022 in Thailand ⋅ 🌧 27 °C

      Auch für heute waren wieder 14 Stunden 100% Regenwahrscheinlichkeit vorausgesagt und so kam es dann auch, fast zumindest, ist ja nicht so, dass es dauerhaft runterschüttet, wie aus Eimern. 😄

      Ich bin auch heute in meiner Region am Nai Yang Beach geblieben. Ich hatte mal kurz überlegt, ob ich mit Taxi oder Roller in den Süden der Insel fahre, aber auf Roller bei Regen hatte ich keine Lust und die Taxen hier auf Phuket sind fast so teuer wie in Deutschland.

      Ich war deshalb mal unterwegs und hab die Gegend hier zu Fuß erkundet, auf dem Weg noch ein leckeres Frühstück (siehe Bilder), 2 pochierte Eier, mit einem Lachstoast, Baked Beans und Avocado, mitgenommen.

      Anschließend bin ich ein paar Kilometer am Strand entlang gejoggt. Da um die Zeit Ebbe herrscht, konnte man sehr weit ins Meer laufen. Die Einheimischen nutzen diese Zeit, um ihre Fischernetze auszuwerfen.

      Am Nachmittag hab ich mir noch eine Thai-Massage gegönnt, für umgerechnet 7€/Std. Wäre das in Deutschland nicht so teuer, würde ich das jede Woche machen 🤩.

      Am Abend direkt gegenüber meiner Unterkunft noch gut gegessen und dann war der Tag auch schon rum.

      Nicht besonderes also heute, ein bisschen die Gegend erkundet, etwas für mich getan und erstmal weiter im Urlaub angekommen. 😊

      Morgen um 10 Uhr gehts dann mit dem Taxi zurück zum Flughafen. Es geht nämlich weiter nach Kuala Lumpur / Malysia 🇲🇾. Das wird glaube ich das komplette Gegenteil zu den bisher doch sehr ruhigen letzten 2 Tagen. Ich bin gespannt!
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      Man beachte die ganzen Hotelruinen im Hintergrund 🤷🏻‍♂️


      Eine Hotelfachfrau und ein exzellenter Koch könnten so ein Hotel ganz flott wieder "aufmöbeln". [Stefan]



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    • Feb3

      Day 56 - Earned Our Plane Spotter Badges

      February 3, 2022 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      We both slept for in excess of 10 hours. I had dreams of grilled teriyaki chicken, what a pervert!

      For the next two to three hours we sat on our balcony drinking instant coffee in minimal attire dealing with the constant stream of emails requesting details of everything about me short of my inside leg measurements, blogging & generally WhatsApp’ing.

      It is a good time to mention that I asked for more coffee sachets at reception & a lady came down with a tray of coffee & creamers & a more bottles of water. What do you have to moan about Jackie? She walked into the glass window, it didn’t have enough warning stickers on it & apparently the shower was not quite too her preferred temperature!

      We completed both our Passenger Locator Forms which are required at check-in to allow us to board the aircraft back to London. We have had to pre-book an LFT test to complete within 48 hours of landing in the UK for £12 each to allow us to complete the PLF. Up until very recently we needed to take a negative LFT test here in Thailand just 24 hours before boarding the aircraft, but thanks to good old Boris we have to do nothing of the sort this end. Or so we hope!

      Around 12.30pm, we followed my dreams & went back to Naiyang Café for egg noodles with teriyaki grilled chicken & Jackie ordered a Pad Thai with shrimp. Jackie had a ‘recommended’ date iced latte coffee & I had a date coffee shake. It was all fabulous & we made the decision that we had to return again tonight. It is just too good!

      After our lunch, we headed to Nai Yang Beach, which is part of Sirinat National Park & hence required another entrance fee of 200 Baht per person. Eight weeks ago, we refused to pay the entrance fee, but I had regretted it ever since & today we were prepared to pay the fee just to go plane spotting.

      When we approached the entrance to Sirinat National Park, the lady collecting the money told us how much it would be, but suggested two alternative options. We could either come back at 5pm when there was no one on the gate or take an alternative route that she described to us that would get us to beach without having to pay the entrance fee.

      Bless her, we took the latter option & saved ourselves a tenner. We walked along the attractive beach until we found the other anoraks (mainly in bikinis & shorts) under the flight path of the incoming flights to Phuket International Airport. We spent a couple of hours on the beach waiting, photographing & videoing the incoming aircraft as they flew low over our heads on their approach. We also stood behind the aircraft as they revved up on the runway before taking off. Jackie absolutely loved it.

      We were stupidly dehydrated when we left the beach having forgotten to take any fluids with us. We took a pit stop back at our hotel, by drinking litres of water, then we headed out in search of beer. Our first stop was Heng Heng Heng, which we were due to return to following our visit the previous day. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any cold Chang & we had a lukewarm beer watered down by ice.

      It wasn’t ideal, so we took a walk & stopped at our very first restaurant ‘Where It Began’, on this trip. We sat & supped several cold beers, whilst watching the world go by on another busy street.

      Finally satiated, we headed home via 7-11 for provisions for breakfast, the airport & the flight home. Back on our balcony, I got myself a head start on the penultimate blog, whilst sipping Hong Thongs & coke. Time passed us by, because it was 7.45pm, when we realised the time & we needed to get back out to eat.

      We rushed back to Naiyang Café AGAIN for our final Thai meal. I ordered Chicken and cashew nuts, whilst Jackie, who was slightly pissed, but will never admit it, ordered just a spicy chicken salad. I ordered a plain soda water, whilst Jackie ordered a fancy one. The so reasonably priced dinner was yet again fantastic & it is possibly the consistently best quality food that either of us have ever eaten. The Muslim ladies were also delightful, they couldn’t have been politer & more eager to please……… a culinary way!

      I’m going to write to the Michelin Guide with my recommendation that the Naiyang Café be awarded stars. That should sway it!!

      After dinner, I dragged Jackie to a pancake stall on the main road & bought a banana pancake for just 20 Baht, about 45 pence. I took it back to our room to eat with a Hong Thong nightcap.

      Song of the Day: Blogging by Wire.
      Incoming by Something Happens!
      Low Flying by Mazzy Star.
      Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond (Slightly tenuous!).
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      Andy and Teresa Mays

      Glad you had such a great time. Can’t believe for one minute Jax would get p***** on the last evening 😂. Well done on the blog and for completing the entire 55 days. I have to say that for all the years I worked with you, I defended you from those who said you had the ability to talk S*** and a lot of it!! Now however - on reflection of what they said . . . . See you when you get back both of you 😎

      Andy and Teresa Mays

      Oh and my Spotify playlist is complete with thanks.

      Simon and Jackie Annals

      Bit premature!

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    • Day243

      I love sunsets!

      November 19, 2022 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 86 °F

      Headed north today on Phuket to get closer to the airport for an early morning flight in the morning.

      Went to the beach and caught a GREAT sunset tonight. Love the different phases they go through.

      1.8 miles
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      That is incredible. What a beautiful sunset. Thanks for sharing.


      Wow!!! Indescribably gorgeous!!!You are going to have a whole book of sunsets!!!


      Watching sunsets is a nearly every evening pleasure, here. We are not quite 500 feet above the S.F. Bay, so with water as the foreground, and the sun making intense colors as the world goes up, we take a few moments to just enjoy the daily experience. Autumn not only shortens the day, but the period of time between a whole round sun on the top edge of the coastal mountains, and the last slice of the solar circle. Once in a while we get to see the unusual blue or green "blink" phenomena. A few moments with "sunrise" and "sunset"(as the world rotates), make everyday better, where ever it is seen. Thank you for sharing this experience in your travel photos.

      Christie Mitchell

      Doesn’t it tho?!? I love them. Need to make it a priority to enjoy them once back to “normal” life


      Sunrise and sunset are a constant we can count on in life, always interesting, and just take a few moments of attention. Kind of a reset to remind us of " normal".

      Christie Mitchell


    • Day99

      Hello THailand- Phuket

      November 5, 2021 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

      Hallelujah🙈🙉🙊 48 Stunden und 4 Corona-Tests später sind wir in unserem Quarantänehotel auf Phuket angkommen, welches wir bereits buchen mussten um die Erlaubnis zu bekommen überhaupt in den Flieger steigen.
      Nach vier Stunden im Hotel, haben wir einen Anruf bekommen, dass das Ergebnis des 4. Tests "negativ" ist und wir überall hingehen können wohin wir wollen. ABER wir haben viele viele Stunden geschlafen 🛌💤💤💤
      Alleluja 48 godzin i 4 testy koronowe później dotarliśmy do naszego hotelu kwarantanny na Phuket, który musieliśmy zarezerwować, aby w ogóle uzyskać pozwolenie na wejście do samolotu. Po czterech godzinach w hotelu dostaliśmy telefon, że wynik czwartego testu był „negatywny” i że możemy chodzić, gdzie tylko chcemy. ALE spaliśmy wiele długich godzin 🛌💤💤💤
      Hallelujah🙈🙉🙊 48 hours and 4 corona tests later we arrived at our quarantine hotel on Phuket, which we had to book in order to get permission to get on the plane at all.
      After four hours in the hotel, we got a call that the result of the 4th test was "negative" and that we can walk anywhere we want. BUT we slept many long hours. 🛌💤💤💤
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    • Day2

      Gelandet im Paradies

      December 20, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      Puh, das war ne lustige Tour bis hier her. 😅 Ich bin jetzt seit knapp 20 h unterwegs und nun endlich am Ziel. Beide Flüge ohne Zwischenfälle und immer in netter Gesellschaft.
      Nun sitze ich im Minibus Richtung Patong.

      Los geht’s
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