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  • Day20

    Underberg Day 2 pm

    February 4, 2017 in South Africa ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

    We had a bigger adventure in the afternoon.
    Decided to find the road we went on with Stuart yesterday out of Himeville. This was great to start with - the white storks and bald ibis were still in the same place. Stuart had told us that if we continued straight the gravel road would eventually intersect the Underberg-Howick road (which we will take tomorrow); alternately, if we turned right on the D8 we would get back to Himeville. So of course we took the D8 'cos that would be shorter to the tar.
    We had to make a decision at a fork and went careering off on a not very good road all over the country (or so it felt). Did see another long-crested eagle and what we reckon was a common buzzard (steppe buzzard), and eventually intersected the Howick-Underberg road.
    Since we had no idea where we were, we turned left and set off for Howick. Fortunately we realised quite quickly that we were going in the wrong direction, and eventually made it home.
    (And it rained and there were flooded fields and rivers running across the road too.)
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