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  • Day12

    Letaba Day 2

    May 21 in South Africa ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Because POps wasn't feeling so good yesterday, we made no plans for this morning. Started out by sleeping until 7! Decided we didn't want to do very much, so after breakfast we drove to Engelhard dam. It was mostly mopani but there were some loops to the river which yielded a few waterbirds, mostly Egyptian geese. The loop roads are in a bad state - we did some serious 4x4-ing. Even the major gravel road was badly corrugated. And the dam was a great diappointment - no water that we could see and no access either. So we had to be content with a few herds of elephant and/or buffalo and waterbuck and impala. Did see some warthogs which we haven't seen in the last couple of days...
    POps made us lamb curry for lunch (feels his stomach can always handle curry), and after the compulsory sleep he wrote his diary while I came to the laundromat so that we don't go home in 3-day old clothes.
    Birding was not bad today: on the way back from the dam we checked out Letaba's Day Visitors' area and found crested barbet and collared sunbird! The Day Visitors' area is lovely (see pic below) - even has it's own pool. Only drawback is that is does not look on to the river.
    Tomorrow we may be more adventurous...
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