December 2015
  • Day1


    December 29, 2015 on the Philippines ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Beautiful Boracay. Small island in the Philippines which I can never forget.

    Landed in Kalibo airport and took a 2 hour bus journey to get me to Caticlan jetty, where I took a boat for 5 minutes to reach Boracay Island.
    I stayed in Boracay Uptown Hotel located at the White Beach. I'm not being racist. That is seriously the name of the beach. You can just relax by the beach and take it all in or you can go do all the activites that Boracay has to offer. This includes watersports like parasailing, jet skiing, kite sailing, etc. You need to go for a course if you want to kite sail. You can also get yourself attached to a rope and go ziplining like superman!

    Head to Ariel's Point if you are into cliff diving. There are multiple diving boards here. Starts from as low as 3 meters and gets to as high as 15 meters. Be sure to keep your body straight or you might end up with a bruised butt thanks to the water surface impact. They also offer kayaking and snorkelling. You need a day for this.

    Don't want to get wet? Don't understand why anyone would hate water, but okay. Plenty of other things to do other than getting yourself tanned by the beach. Go for a sunset cruise. Go drinking. Or better yet go PubCrawling - I did this for New Year 2016 and had an awesome time. Met some cool new peeps.

    Overall, Boracay is great if you are sick of work and need some time to unwind. Also great if you like diving into deep waters from cliffs. The highlight of my trip anyway.
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