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  • Day3

    Family Cruising

    January 29, 2020, Tasman Sea ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    It's actually my tenth cruise. It's a lot different with a third wheel. Different is the perfect word. Its higher maintenance, less flexible, definitely less relaxing, but a lot of fun, rewarding and providing countless happy moments and cherished memories already.

    It's a social paradox. On the one hand, Ryland draws (and demands) attention wherever we go. It seems more than half passers by stop to comment on him, say hello etc. Staff all ask his name and try get a smile from him. On the other hand, we're never seated at a table with people or meet anyone properly or get to have a non-Ryland related conservation. Junior requires (and demands) a lot of focus and attention.

    There's a lot more routine. You can't really plan out the day, or do what you feel like when you feel like it. It's a lot of winging it.

    Our rough sea day routine is
    - Wake 7-8am
    - Breakfast in Dining room
    - Free Time 10-12.30 (nap time). Walk the decks, play some mini golf, get Ryland some exercise etc.
    - Nap time is free time for us, with the exception of one of us needing to be in the room while he sleeps. I mean we COULD nap him in the pram and try do something together as we do most dinners but it's a risk. Nat usually reads on the deck and these first two days I've gone to the gym.
    - Light lunch, we have to grab by 2.30 when most places close.... if junior is still asleep one of us will bring something to the room.
    - From 3-5pm more free time, maybe a cocktail. Today we rotated with swimming time, I went up to the adults retreat for h a of hour or so, then met Nat on deck and watched Ryland while Nat had a swim. It's so mean on Ryland, he's desperate to jump in the pool but not allowed.
    -5pm, feed Ryland in buffet.. get him back to the room... bath him in an inflatable pool in the shower, Pjs on, playtime, quiet time, tucked up in his pram. By 7.30, a walk around the decks gets junior asleep by 8pm for restaurant dinner for us!
    -Each night so far he's slept well through dinner and we've gone to the 9.30pm show... The last couple (hypnotist and rock pianist) we've managed to get through the entire show.

    Tonight, being "a formal night", was a special occasion. We drew out the afternoon with a swim, and dressed up Ryland to come to dinner with us. We were in early around 5.45... It all went relatively well, though Rylands dining etiquette could do with some refining... hand shoveling food in and out of his mouth. We managed well enough to get him through the 7.30pm pianist show and run around some shops before he started to turn tired and feral.

    We have another sea day ahead tomorrow, before four consecutive days around New Caledonia. Reluctantly we've opted to book excursions for MOST days as allegedly Mare and Lifou don't have many options available at disembarking spot. The good thing is that
    Babies 0-3 are free. Our plans are as follows -

    Stop 1 - Isle of Pines - Solo. Snorkel and swim
    Stop 2 - Mare - Transfer to nearest beach for swim and snorkel ($25pp)
    Stop 3 - Lifou Island - 35min bus ride to Islands best beach ($60pp)
    Stop 4 - Noumea - Tchou Tchou train (Family friendly) around town ($60pp).
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