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  • Day4

    Approaching New Caledonia

    January 30, 2020, Coral Sea ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    Steady sailing on glassy seas today. The weather's been pleasant without being warm. Sunshine and blue skies have been sporadic as it's constantly cloudy.
    Dejavu is setting in a little, today being much the same as yesterday. I'm looking forward to getting out onto dry last tomorrow and seeing Ryland set foot in a new country for the first time.

    We rolled into the dining room just before 9 this morning. Vanilla French toast and an omelette went down well. Ryland broke his fast on wheat bix, stewed apples and banana.. and bread.. he's had a lot of bread on this cruise and is adapting to cold milk.

    I'm trying to be fair and reserving too much judgement this early, but it must be said a lot of the overall service on this cruise has been dreadful... some staff have been friendly at times and nice to Ryland, but ordering, communication, regularity of service, general helpfulness and interest has often been really, really bad.. and I hate sounding harsh..

    We spent most of this morning in the arcade.. Ryland insisted.. he ran around in there for ages mashing buttons and admiring the lights. He insisted I win him a duck at the skill tester machines which I just about managed. By the time he'd run his little legs ragged he was ready for a nap by noon.

    Nat was first off to the adults retreat for a swim during nap time. My opportunity popped up later in the afternoon. Ryland scored himself a couple of soft toys today.. a ripped big eyed cow (20% off) and a sailor duck/pelican he'd been eyeballing since day one!

    He was a bit stroppy going down tonight, but he just about nodded off by dinner at the restaurant. We're all really looking forward to getting onto land tomorrow and swimming as a family. Poor Ryland has been desperately gesturing at the pool all cruise to no avail. Tomorrow will be his first steps overseas!
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