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  • Day147

    Hiking around Almaty

    August 4, 2019 in Kazakhstan ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Today is Zuzka's birthday! We all (the Kudliks, Margit & Daniel and Tom & I) arrived in Almaty yesterday. As we wanted to celebrate together, Zuzka had booked us two nights at the Mika Hotel in the South of town. A mere 16km away from Medeo, a beautiful skiing destination in winter and a hiking paradise in summer, Tom and I can't resist. With the promise to be back for the birthday dinner, we head off to the mountains. As we haven't done much research, initially we intend to simply walk along a river into the valley as far as we want. But the Sunday crowds (yes, it seems the locals like hiking, too!) make us choose an alternative route, leading up to Mt. Furmanova. Our simple stroll turns into a beautiful hike up to the 3000m+ peak. Or at least almost. Shortly before we reach the pass on approx. 2800m we can hear thunder rolling in. Never underestimate the weather in high altitude mountains! While we were sweating massively down in the city, it has cooled down notably already and we're not too eager on getting caught in a snowstorm (which aren't unusual this high up, even in summer). For once, we make the responsible call and finish our tour at the pass. We quickly descend the mountain along the river and with a bit of jogging at the end, we even make it back without getting wet. Yayie! Being out and about again felt so great and the scenery was just amazing. I guess, we're hooked again!Read more