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  • Day228

    Svaneti region

    October 24, 2019 in Georgia ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

    Most travellers reach the Svaneti region via Mestia, in the West. As you might have read in our previous posts, we came from the East, hence the first village we got to was Ushguli. The village is stunning! Most of the old stonehouses have been converted into guesthouses, but that doesn't harm the village's charme. Maybe, it even adds to it? I don't know.
    Upon arrival, we explore the tiny streets and have a delicious home cooked lunch. The prospect of bad weather (it's gotten windy and cold all of a sudden) urges us to go back to the car and find a suitable campspot. Apart from going back to the pass we came from, there are two options: following the road to Mestia or driving on a 4WD track towards the glacier.
    We decide for the latter and with Bear as third passenger we make our way back there. Luckily, the bad weather passes and we can enjoy the stunning scenery. No wonder this place is a hiker's paradise.
    A small fire (we're in a National park after all) keeps us warm in the evening and during the night I am yet again forever grateful for Zuzka's sleeping bag. It definitely dropped below 0°C.
    Bear's presence, however, is now fully taking over my thoughts and plans, leaving little room to think about the cole. Also, the next day, once the sun has reached us, Tom takes Martin for a bikeride instead of me and Sara, Bear and I just go for a short walk. I am jealous of the hikers traversing the valley in this glorious weather, but at the same time, I'm more than happy and content to simply be with Bear. At least we see the glacier from our campsite.
    As Bear can't do long hikes or rides yet, our activities in the Svaneti region are now limited. We still enjoy an afternoon in Mestia (a more established town than Ushguli and well equipped for the high number of travellers that make it their base for hiking), as well as another rest day in the glacier valley behind this town (yes, there is another one). Oh glorious mountains, you're simply stunningly beautiful.
    And while it's hard to leave Svaneti, we cherish every little bit of our journey down to the Black Sea, this time on the "proper" road.
    Do not miss this area when visiting Georgia!
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