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  • Day23


    September 8 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Up for breaky at 8.00am on the rooftop.

    It is beautiful but I want more sleep as woke at 4.00am

    Cheese pastries and coffee. Boiled egg, fruit, and breads sitting at the very top of the hill looking across to the volcano.

    Now for our sailing trip around the caldera. (which means volcanic crater fallen into the sea)

    Met the driver at the prehistoric museum at 9.15am
    (a 4min walk from hotel)
    Rode the mini van to the island end opposite to Oia.

    (Did I say this place reminds me of Phillip Island, the scale of the land mass I mean)

    The mariner is full of yachts.
    We board the red and white waved catamaran, which is gorgeous.
    I am over excited. Which is a good sign.
    We are ushered under a cream canopy onto soft red padded seating around a table.

    The catamaran seats 34
    It is a magnificent structure.
    They serve wine to us at an open bar.

    We are sat opposite 2 men.
    Chris and Mikah
    They are originally from San Diego, now live in Chigago and are happily married.

    We chat and discover that Micah and myself are both Saggitarians. This makes the convo go in a totally wild trajectory.
    Chris is a Capricorn so is more laid back and looks after the finances.

    Basically our entire conversation is how they are a mirror image of Theens and I, regarding personality and behaviours.

    Micah and I can take a mean photograph. Chris and Athena cannot.
    We, the Saggies, are the adventurers the risk takers, always wanting to be busy and at the front of the line. The other 2 are less so, instead, happy to follow along but willing to give it a go.

    For the entire sail we all 4 talked, non stop, whilst drinking our wine.

    We stopped for a swim. Athena stayed on the boat.

    The water was cold at first then divine. Armed with my noodle, I paddled around. The two boys jumped in the sea 💦 and we hung together. I was fascinated with looking under the catamaran. Loved the big red looming form above my head.

    After relaxing for 10minutes in the water we set off.
    We spied 2 webber bbqs hissing and steaming at the back of the catamaran so we knew lunch was near.

    We spent hours talking to our new friends. The boys have been married for 2 years and this holiday was a late honeymoon.

    We stopped off for another 15 Min swim and Athena stayed on board taking pics from the netting. Micah and I swam underneath her and splashed up to her like kids. She was telling us off and it made us do it more!!

    Now lunch is served.
    We eagerly sat waiting to see the dishes to be devoured.

    Bbq chicken and pork, greek salad, penne covered in tomato and cheese. Bread with olive tapenade, tzatziki and olive oil soaked baked potatoes.
    I had a second helping!

    We stopped to view the red beach and the white beach. Which ended up being coves with coloured cliffs.

    Then after many wines, we lazily, drunkenly made our way back to the mariner.

    At one point I went to the loo onboard. This was an experience. Getting down the vertical ladder, then trying to sit whilst being heaved up and down all over the place!
    I loved looking out the porthole. The blue water at face level waving along with the white foam waves. Memorising, could've stayed there a while, but Athena was at the top telling me to hurry up as she needed to go.

    The sail was over and absolutely perfect. A quick van drive back.We said goodbye to the boys and headed back to our room.

    Gelati time. Mango and lemon for Athena and I love my lemon 🍋.

    I comatosed into a 10min nap, whilst Athena went to the rooftop to sunbake. I went up too for a short time.

    Nobody told me that Santorini turns you into a sloth.
    We lay on our beds, with our balcony doors open to the soft sounds of the crowds below and music pumping somewhere.
    The blue sky invades our every sense and we are still.

    Lacking any will to explore. We have 2 more days yet.
    Tommorow we will see Oia.

    At 6.00, Athena asks me do you want to head out. My reply is a big fat 'Yes'

    We walked to the left, facing Fira, and meandered upwards behind the elegant villas and expensive hotels. You can see the island at 360 degrees from here.

    Heard tinkling bells ringing and watched the mules, one behind the other, carrying loud obnoxious Americans upward through the streets. I didn't enjoy seeing this.

    By 8.00pm we were hungry.
    Went back to Fanari as it is quiet and the food is good.

    Athena had chicken souvlaki,
    I the mixed fried seafood which included, calamari rings, king prawns, sardines and baby octopus with rice and carrots.
    I am seafood hooked, line and sinker, lol.

    Our waiter, Vagelli, was so excited to speak Greek to a customer he hovered over Athena like a stalker. He even took her plate to remove the chicken off the skewer for her. She tried to take the plate back but he was not having it.

    So full of sun and fresh air and food, we rolled off to bed.
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