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  • Day18

    Last Pints in Venice

    September 3, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Hi all its Athena here,

    We are in an Irish pub having our last drinks in Venice before we choof off to Greece.

    Considering I only had a couple of hours sleep due to someone galavanting with the stars last night & not having charged her phone so there was no way I could contact her.

    Yes my friends Sandra rocked up at 2am this morning after having the time of her life. I'm so happy she forced herself in going as she met people she had a common ground with & was able to play with.

    Hi there, Sandra back again.

    We caught the yellow Alilaguna boat to the airport. It took approx 1 hour.

    Whilst on the boat, I looked up on YouTube, the red carpet for The King at Venice . I found it and watched a 49 minute video of the stars from red carpet arrival to entering the cinema and lived the whole thing again.

    At the 47min and 19 second mark, from behind, I see Timmy walk straight to me. The bloody security guard stood in the way!!!
    but I can see myself in there in my Gala summer dress, talking to him, shaking his hand him signing my programme.

    I have only watched this about 5 times. Athena just rolls her eyes.

    We caught our plane and sat there acting like stupid kids
    A voice that sounded like Effie (Mary Coutas) to me comes over the speaker. I remember seeing the stage play 'Wogs out of Work' whilst at high school and thought that is my only reference for Greek training!

    We kick down in Athens at 7.40pm.
    From the plane the orange lights of Athens light up across the ground.


    Athena Falls madly in love with our transfer driver. She is giddy.

    We arrive late at night so hitting the hotel we dash up to the rooftop bar.

    We have a major view of the Acropolis up high all lit up in a golden glow.

    We just sit and stare.

    The drinks are strong We only have 2 each and we end up smashed.

    We talk about commitment vs just sex in relationships.
    Athena can hardly stand.
    I need the toilet urgently.
    We somehow make our way down the stairs and our key fails. Shit!

    We go to reception who fixes things. The elevator is full so we run up the stairs to the third floor, on the way I spy a WC and go in.

    I hear Athena say 'that is the men's'.
    I say be quiet as she is too loud and it is midnight.
    Next I hear very loudly 'Omg that is a waterfall!!'

    I say shuddup.

    We get into our room thank God.
    But I left my bag in the men's wc!!!

    Goodnight at 12.09pm

    (past midnight)

    (I aim to have Athena in training for staying up late for Mykonos clubbing. Which is all she has talked about for 12 months! )
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    Amanda Phillips

    Beautiful Venice

    Amanda Phillips

    You two make me chuckle so much with your adventures and escapades 😀

    Amanda Phillips

    I can’t believe you were still up and drinking after limited sleep! Enjoy Greece and bring on the Mykonos clubs!!