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    Greatest 4-day Hawaii Tour I will never forget

    When I was setting off to Hawaii I was beyond excited to see the natural wonders of the 50th U.S. state I heard so much about. Little did I know, though, that a Hawaiian adventure would turn out to be one of the greatest holidays of my life.

    I have decided to spend two nights in Hilo, which is a great departure spot from which I was able to conveniently drive to the first two destinations on my list, which were Rainbow Falls just outside Hilo and Akatsuka Orchid Gardens in Volcano, half-hour drive from the city centre. Known as Waiānuenue to the locals, Rainbow Falls are located over natural lava cave, which is said to be home to Hina, Hawaiian goddess of the moon. Next on the list were Akatsuka Orchid Gardens which are known for being the first orchid maze in the world and home to rare black orchid currently worth $20,000! Oh what a breathtaking experience it was.

    The magnificent Mauna Kea
    According to Hawaiian mythology (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawaiian_narrative), Mauna Kea is the sacred peak of the island as it is considered the first born son of sky father Wākea and earth mother Papa. Having its rich cultural heritage in mind, I embarked on a full day hiking trip to the top of Hawaii's tallest mountain. After collecting maps and gathering useful tips at Visitor Information Station, I chose Humuʻula–Mauna Kea Summit Trail, which I found quite demanding and round trip took me almost 10 hours. Despite that, the inner feeling of fulfillment and overcoming my weaknesses and fears was truly rewarding.

    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
    Seeing a volcanic eruption has been on my bucket list since as long as I can remember. No wonder Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was my must-see, as it is home to world's two most active volcanoes - Kilauea and Mauna Loa. I started my trip at Kilauea Visitor Center to get handy tips from experienced rangers and maps, which really helped me plan my hiking trip more efficiently. After admiring the primordial lava fields for 6 hours or so, I ended the day by visiting Thomas A. Jaggar Museum (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Jaggar ). Although I did not see any eruptions, a sight of red-hot lava glowing in the dark as seen from museum's view point is the experience I will cherish forever.

    Kikaua Point Park
    Since my ultimate holiday rental (https://www.homeaway.com.au/holiday-rentals/hawaii/r35 ) was in Kalaoa, it seemed like a perfect idea to spend my last day in Hawaii at secluded, picture perfect Kikaua Beach, which is a peaceful exotic paradise, with white-sand beaches, palm tree park, lava rocks, and an abundance of tropical wildlife. If you are lucky, you might even spot an endangered green sea turtle resting in the shallow waters or sunning on coastal lava rocks. At local snorkeling club, I signed up for a class and had a chance to admire stunning coral reefs just a few miles from the beach. And to top it off, I ended my last day of Hawaii adventure by sipping piña coladas as the sun was setting over peaceful Pacific Ocean.

    During only 4 days I fell in love with Hawaii and I will be definitely coming back for more. Next stop – Maui!
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