Jade Williams

Backpacking Norah and South America - 2015. Left home (Perth, West Australia) 6th Feb 2015. Returning home Jan 2016... or when ever the $$$ run out!
  • Day133

    Nashville, Tennessee

    June 19, 2015 in the United States

    So after an early morning start in Friday (after 3 hours of sleep thanks to amazing & addictive blues music on Beale St) I arrive tired and slightly hungover into Nashville at 1pm in the afternoon!

    I grab cab to my hostel on 1st Ave, with my lovely cab driver pointing out all the main points of interest along the way, making special note of the bars lining Broadway Street for about 5 blocks!

    After checking in, on an empty stomach (last nights midnight pizza still not sitting right) i head off in search for something healthy... Oh and vegetarian as i am now 4 days in to my healthier lifestyle (and cheaper)! I got recommended the "Frothy Monkey"! Which was amazing! I had the tofu salad with honey mustard dressing! I can not wait to get hone and make it for myself!

    I then decide to hit Broadway and check out some live country music! The streets are filled with tourists, hens / bucks parties and crazy pedal taverns! Every bar I passed were choccas and it was only 4pm! I eventually find a quiet bar with live music and settle in for a few hours!

    After a few quiet frothies, time to go to bed ready for big adventires to come the next day
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  • Day128

    Memphis, Tennessee

    June 14, 2015 in the United States

    So I have arrived at the Pilgram House Hostel. The pilgram house Hostel is located on cooper / young st in a trendy neighbourhood (or so the reviews said) and is joined to the First Congress Church. I had prepared myslef to be drowned in religous paraphanalia, but too my surprise the hostel is not like that at all! Its a really funky with bike hire, lots of warm and inviting common areas and spacious rooms, the guy, Anthony, working the front desk was super cute and has a few tattoos, so good first impression!

    I head out to find the deli on the corner to buy some food, and the famous Memphis down pour decided to give me a taste! So rushing into the deli to escape the rain, I barely notice my sourroundings change. Once inside the deli, seeing the cage around the shop assistant... I knew this place was not where I parked my car!

    As I leave I see a middle aged man pull up on a bike. He asks me to look after his bike quickly, and seeing though it was raining i said i had no problem staying undercover. He noticed my Australian accent and I confirmed his accent was Scottish. He asked me what the hell I was doing in the neighbourhood, which caught me off gaurd a bit and said I had just arrived and wanted to go to the deli. He strongly advised me to wait were I was and he would walk me back up the street as it wasnt a good area.

    The way he said it put the fear of god into me! And as he went to enter the shop this real dodgy guy walked out. Scotland gave him this fierece ass look, that had me wanting to run away and then looked at me, walking into the shop.

    Dodgy dude started to walk towards me fearing I was about to be rolled by the look in his eyes, Scotland came out if the shop (i am pretty sure he didnt even get anything) and like that ... dodgy dude changed direction and was gone. My heart has never beat so fast before in my life!

    Scotland introduces himself as Paul, and insists he walks me back up the street (to the nicer area of town). Along the way he points out a lot of no go zones and makes me promise him a thousand times i wont go back down there. He even points out his house so that if i was to ever get into any trouble I knew where he lived!

    Once we are back where all the restaurants and bars are, he points out all the good places to go, gives me a hug and makes me promise one more time I wont go back down there, and he is off back to his house!

    I cant beliee how lucky i was for Paul to show up when he did, who knows what could have happened!

    And that is my most scary encounter i have had on this trip todate (following close behind my good "friends" the Somalians in Seattle and Bungy Jumping in New Zealand, and the Vegas Greyhound terminal)
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  • Day126

    Little Rock, Arkansas

    June 12, 2015 in the United States

    I am praying my future husband is hiding away here in Little Rock, I am in love with this city already ... And I have been here presicely... 2 hours!

    With no shortage of bars to choose from and the "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros song stuck in my head im enjoying my first pint and waiting for my first steak in 5 months to arrive at my bar table!Read more

  • Day124

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    June 10, 2015 in the United States

    Upon arrival and departure of Oklahoma I am faced with the devestating destruction the recent Tornado dis to the city! To say the "Okies" are a reselient bunch would be an understatement! I asked the cab driver if they were "used to it" and he simply replied "we are never used to it but we know they are coming".... So in conclusion i would like to put it out there... George R R Martin (author of GOT) is from Oklahoma, I see way too many familiarities with the famous GOT quote "winter is coming" ... That is all to report from Oklahoma ... Apart from I got the second worst sunburn in my life making carrying ny backpack agony! Peace out ✌️Read more

  • Day121

    Albuquerque, New Mexico

    June 7, 2015 in the United States

    Arriving in Albuquerque after an overnight bus from Phoenix was not ideal... Especially after Cheryl, the girls from Florida, Anne from UK & I went to the Welcome diner for dinner and enjoyed one too many cocktails!!!

    Nevertheless, my stomach was crying out to be attended to, so stoped (backpack, bags, kitchen sink and all) for a coffee and breakfast at the flying star cafe! Had a great coffee, vegan scramble and free wifi! I ended up staying for 2.5 hours! (Also due tobyhe fact my hostel probably would t be able to check me in straight away!)

    After breakfast I make the trek to the "Route 66 Hostel"! I had read the reviews on trip advisor so i expected an old run down hostel which is what I got! But it has the basics so cant complain!

    After a three hour nap... I Went into old town and stumbled across a street fair with some amazing country and Mexican music! All i needed was a deck chair and i would have parked up for the afternoon/ night!

    Moving on down to downtown Albequerque i end up having dinner and a few beers at the Libary sports bar, people watching from my bar stool on the patio overlooking route 66. It was amazing to see all the old cars done up and blasting all different kinds of music (many doing bog laps so i got to see them mote then once)! Leaving a bit tipsy and with promises to the staff i would be back I desperatley power walk back to the hostel before they lock up for the night (thy have a side door with a three digit code entrance that i can not remember!)
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  • Day120

    Roosevelt Row

    June 6, 2015 in the United States

    So it just so happens I was lucky enough to be in Phoenix on the first Friday of the month so tonight it is the art street festival on Roosevelt street and also lucky enough to experience one of the five days it ever rains in Phoenix! Not so lucky both would occur on the same day!

    Not to let the rain deter me i head out to find breakfast and check out "Roosevelt Row" in the daytime, rain jacket on hand!

    I end up finding Jobot Cafe and enjoyed the free wifi, Jo Mumma breakfast sandwich and a decent Latte! I then ventured out ince the rain stopped and explored many cool little arty places including Gnomes book shop! I made my way to the Japanese Friendship garden which ended up being quite a hike to find it was closed for the summer! What a bummer!

    I ended up heading back to the hostel to freahen up ready for the night festival!
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  • Day119

    Phoenix Art Street Festival

    June 5, 2015 in the United States

    I met Cheryl from Fremantle and we decide to head out together to check out the festival! Lucky Cheryl had an unbrella as it came in handy!

    After a few art shops we decide to find a food van to quiet the hunger pains and end up settling on quesildas, eating them under the umbrellas and trying in vain not to get wet!

    To escape the torrential down pour we retreated to a bar (i can not remember the name) for some jager bombs and cheap margaretas!
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  • Day118

    Phoenix, Arizona

    June 4, 2015 in the United States

    It took just over three hours by greyhound bus to get from Flagstaff to Phoenix and I arrived at 3:30pm!

    On the journey i got to see some real cactus plants that US are normally famous for!

    I had booked into the Hi Hostel (being the cheapest) and arrived by taxi to find the hostel was located in the "burbs"! The hostel looked pretty cool thoigh with a bamboo hedge / screen and nice outdoor sitting areas and hammocks!

    Although when i went up the porch to check in everything was locked up! I webt around the back of the property to try and find some sort of human life and found three dudes playing ping pong! They were Matt & Dan from Melbourne and Finn with the aqua coloured hair from the UK! They told me the office didnt open until 5pm so i sat and chilled woth them until it opened!

    Once Keith had arrived, checked me in and showed me around... I was immediately hounded by Brien (from Wisconsin) and advised I would be eating with them at the hostel and he put the boys and I in charge of shucking corn!

    After a quick run down to the service station to buy beer we were quickly ordered back into the kitchen to help prepare dinner (similar to an Army boot camp exercise!)!

    We ended up cooking a masterpiece of crumbed chicken pieces on pasta with tomato sauce, cheese styled corn, roast potato broccolli and onion mix and a nice spinach salad! Not too bad for my first three hours in Phoenix!

    We ended up finishibg the rest of our beers outside in the beautiful desert heat and retired to bed!
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  • Day116

    Flagstaff, Arizona

    June 2, 2015 in the United States

    An early start this morning! Had to be at the Greyhound bus terminal by 6am! I arrived by taxi and got my tickets at probably the most unorganized Greyhound terminal I have ever been at!

    After trying to locate coffee (I had something that was supposed to be a cappuccino, but threw it out after one sip... why can't the Americans make coffee.. how hard is it? Seriously!) I end up being corned by this guy covered in tattoos. Okay, maybe not corned, however he had just got out of jail and wanted to tell me his life story and even showed me pictures of his wife and his travels to Zion National Park!

    After a while I was able to escape! Although my new seat next to this young girl.. who was clearly intoxicated, on the phone to her mum telling her that she had just escaped from her sober living compound! What a place! Due to lack of seats in the terminal I had to remain next to this lady until our bus was boarded.

    Finally I was on the bus and quietly hoping none of the Looney's had joined! I was in luck my trip to Flagstaff went without any incidents and got in a taxi with another guy to share costs.... although after making conversation with him, I find out he was on his way to the courthouse to surrender himself to police after missing his court hearing for being caught with 9 pounds of marijuana!

    Eventually arrive at my hotel, Rodeway Inn and feel like locking myself in my room for the next two days!

    After freshening up I go exploring Flagstaff Downtown which took all of an hour! For dinner I went to the Lumberyard Brewing Co. We sampled some of their brews earlier in can form but it was much better drinking straight out of the glass with a nice tri-Cobb salad. My waitress, Melissa was getting hounded by the big table next to me who were ordering drinks and shots I was surprised I got my meal and drinks so quickly! She must have mixed up some of their orders, which I don't blame her... so I wrote her a nice review on Trip advisor to hopefully cheer her up!
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