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  • Day10

    Day 8 - Engis/Culturel Centre

    October 12, 2019 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    It was a standard morning of a meat-plenty breakfast in Germany. We said goodbye to Anya and headed out to Belgium. On the way we stopped and got some snacks. I discovered fizzy colas here aren’t as good (mushier) but the “Hungarian” flavored potato chips are awesome and just like Humpty Dumpty.

    When we got into Belgium we were greeted by lots of cows and the smell of cows. Our little hotel is in the middle of nowhere right next to a school of some sort. There was no innkeeper inside the hotel but our rooms were labeled and with keys, so we just took them. Each room has a small kitchenette which was cool.

    The gig was super close by and they had a really nice stage. It took forever to soundcheck but after we got to eat amazing food. Rouladen with polenta, onion, and zucchini inside, some kind of potatoes, a zucchini stuffed with polenta, and fire roasted tomatoes. For dessert we had vanilla ice cream with some kind of sugar around it, and in the middle was a ball of coffee ice cream. There was also a raspberry and some chocolate covered fruit that tasted horrible. Maybe a gooseberry.

    We started the show and only played an hour. It was a great set but apparently they thought we wanted smoke machines and a light show. Afterwards we met people and signed autographs and took photos. Doug unfortunately sold out of CDs. The last set was even better and was insane. Lot of Thomas stunts, us standing and picking up things, and dancing. It was awesome. We even got a great encore clap.

    After a man asked for drumsticks for me and the band to sign as he collects them from the bands. So we did that then ate paprika flavored Lays potato chips. Very good. We then went back and went into Doug’s room. His room has a humongous table in it which he found out was the public table. For some reason his bed is attached to it! We had soda and Côte D’or Pralinettes. Then I went to bed.

    Last day today!
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