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  • Day124

    Portsmouth, Dominica

    January 22, 2016 in Dominica ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    We left the Saintes to go a little further South to Dominica. This will be furthest South we go on our trip.
    Dominica, the land untouched and unspoiled (….by McDonalds). But really it’s lush and rich with vibrant plants and flowers. It’s the youngest of the Caribbean islands so it’s mountainous and the only island to have multiple volcanoes. Christopher Columbus spotted the island on a Sunday of 1493…. and named it after that day of the week. I suppose he had ran out of saints to name.

    What was really great about this landfall was the fact that we were beginning to see familiar boats and knew two of the boats rather well at this point, one being Melissa on Acedia. Again, it’s pretty cool to come into a new country and see a few friends just chilling in the anchorage.

    Our first day we checked into customs and forged onward to a university area where we found Lulu or rather Lulu found us. Lulu is an amazing cook. After strolling halfway through 10 stalls selling all forms of delicious juices, lunches, and cookies; Lulu called to us. She was the 10th and last stand in the group. Cornered in the shade with a picnic table we followed her and devoured Lulu’s homemade rice, beans, chicken, and fried plantains. With a full and happy tummy we wished Lulu thanks and bid her farewell…. but not for long. We’d be back…
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