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  • Day205

    Melbourne & Sydney

    April 9, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    In Melbourne I stayed a couple of days and met some old friends. I also went skydiving in barwon, it was really cheap! Only $40 a jump including gear!

    One friend already booked a flight to Sydney but she went anyway with me with the car to Sydney. On our way we stayed on the dropzone in Nagambie. In the morning I did 2 jumps, first jump I did a frontflip out of the plane, that was pretty awsome! After our dock I did a 360 and afterwards a backflip. During the flip I got accidentally in sit-fly position. But got back on my belly again. After opening of the canopy I had no penetration so I had to land off dropzone. And that was 1km off dropzone so pretty far away. They came to get me with the car. Now I'm on 41 jumps.

    Then we left towards Sydney and watched power Rangers when whe got at the cinema. I dropped her off and went to mohamad. I helped mohamad during the week. Unfortunately I had to drive a holden commodore ss, it was quite hard to don't floor the throttle because it was a quick v8 and it drove really good!.

    On Friday I went with a friend to the figure of eight pools. That was really crazy, she lived for 25 years in Sydney and never went to the royal national park and even never went hiking. It's so close to home and never been there. (who recognized themselves? Haha) the weather was really nice, around 27 degrees and only sun. When we where there and tried to climb out of the pool there was a wave that came over the rocks and dragged us 2 meters. But we survived :-D

    I spend the weekend. In Sydney cbd (central business district) with other friends.
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