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  • Day2

    Home for the night...Munich

    May 21 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    We land in Munich with no trouble and are told to head to the Lufthansa Service desk to see about our connecting flights. We were then directed to another Service Desk where we got to wait 3 hours to get to a Representative. They probably should have had more than two people on the desk to hand the 50 people. My connecting flight is tomorrow morning at 05:20. Yes, 5:20 AM! I have to walk to the bus station to take a bus to my hotel for the night and then take a bus at 3:53 AM to get back to the airport for my flight. Are we having fun yet????
    All I want is a shower and a nice nap, I’m getting cranky.

    The hotel room is your basic room but nice and serviceable. After a shower and a nap I find I'm wide awake. It is 11:15 PM here and I have to get up in 4 hours. I found a vending machine with some food. This was at the hotel. They call this a 'Kitchen in a box'. I'm having something call a 'Saladbowl Protein'. Sounded healthy and I probably shouldn't start drinking until I get to Greece. It has Quinoa, tuna, edam, cucumber and an egg. It has a Green Dressing (Yes that's the name, which is a vinegar, herbs, parsley and dill type dressing. (Thank you Google Translate). It's not bad really. Crunchy, lots of flavour, oh yeah and healthy. So after my dinner I will try to lay down again.

    This is the part of travel where you have to chill and repeat the mantra: “I'm still on an adventure, just not the one I originally planned” I’ll get to Greece eventually.

    A side note here, my AirBnB host has been really nice about all this. He said he’ll meet me tomorrow morning.

    Night, Night all.
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    Ever the survivor! Great beginnings! Has the Google translate been helpful??I haven’t used it! [Ellen😄]

    Jane Kipp

    Yes it has. You can either type words in or use your camera to translate words to English.


    Sounds too easy! Good find! I’ll have to look into that in the Fall when we stay in Italy and Spain! Thanks! [Ellen]