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  • Day25

    Bamberg, Germany

    June 24 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    As we walked on the shady path next to a river that many locals were taking a dip in, Mabel said "you walk a little billit, then I ride a little billit." Meaning that she walks some and then is carried some along our excursions. I love the way she verbalized it. We have been doing a lot of walking. Later, after our Bamberg trip she called the movie Pinocchio, "Poky Noky!" Stinkin' cute!

    Those of you with kids can sing along... Do you like bacon? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Do you like beer? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Do you like bacon beer? NO! Or at least I don't. This town is famous for its smoked dark beer. It tastes as if you are drinking smoked bacon or meat. Seth and his friend thoroughly enjoyed it, but hard pass for me. The Schlenkerla is a historic brewery that specializes in this beer.

    After the brewery, we ventured to feed our hungry critters a leberkäse brötchen. This sandwich did not appear appetizing to me, as it was described to be a meat sponge made from left over meat parts. However, it was quite tasty. The kids devoured the warm meat "sponge" sandwiched inside a soft, crumbly bun.

    Once we "fueled" up, we began exploring Bamberg. The views in this town were amazing everywhere you looked. The scenery from the bottom on the cobblestone streets provided close ups of old architecture, tall towering cathedrals with gaudy gold accents, while the view from above in the rose garden allowed for a panoramic view of the town. The height and stonework on the four towers of the cathedral were just remarkable. I cannot imagine how much blood, sweat and tears went into building these collasal towers.

    Nearing the end of our hot day in Bamberg, the kids were melting, so we ice creamed them up. I tried an orange basil ice cream that was quite refreshing.

    On our way home, we stopped for dinner at the Spezial-Keller Biergarten, which is just outside the city. This place has such a picturesque view of Bamberg, shade and a lovely playground for kids to get their wiggles out, while parents relax.

    What a lovely day with our friend as our tour guide!
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    Mark Blanck


    Mark Blanck

    Stunning woman in an idyllic setting...

    Mark Blanck

    Great photo: beautiful and very interesting

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  • Day24

    Angersee/Baggersee Baiersdorf

    June 23 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    We took a family bike ride to a sweet swimming spot! On the way we saw a ginormous bird nest that just seemed unreal. They have one on top of an old church here that they try to keep well cared for, so it's inviting for the birds to return to.

    There was a sandy beach on this little pond. Lots of children's sand toys laying around for the children to play with. Since school is still in session here, there weren't very many people there. The water was cool, but not too cold. The water was a little clearer than the ponds at home, we could see fish swimming. At least we knew no snakes were around. Seth and the girls had fun attempting to corral fish into their sandy pool creation.

    Our friend here borrowed some kick boards and an inflatable unicorn for the girls. They also lent us their beach blanket and shade tunnel. The shade tunnel was a nice alternative to a beach umbrella in terms of weight and bulk. This was important, since I had to load up everything on the back of my bike and my backpack.

    Nothing like a little relaxing at a local swimming hole. We only saw three people changing naked nearby! Many natural lakes here are spots to swim in the "natural," but they are discreet about it. They believe in getting close to nature often. Many of the swimmers seemed to pop in for a swim on their work break or something.

    Seth and I relaxed while the girls played for hours. We eventually had to head back since T-bones needed to be grilled.
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    Sharin Burke

    So much fun!! 🥰

    Mark Blanck

    it looks like you might be able to fit something else into that basket

    Mark Blanck

    These girls play HARD!

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  • Day22

    Nuremberg Zoo

    June 21 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY! Nuremberg's Tiergarten (zoo) had the largest variety of animals I have seen in all my many zoo visits. Not only were there lots to see, but the weather was so perfect that the animals were out and active. We came the closest to a monkey we have ever been, saw dolphins perform and enjoyed the lush green, shaded walk to see each animal. The tiger was out roaring and looking us in the eyes it seemed. The baboons busily groomed each other, while the babies pulled each other by the tails and "argued" with one another.

    This zoo had a red panda, DeMille's favorite animal that God made. They also had Mabel's favorite, the snowleopard. Adalynn loved the baby bunnies, baby horses, and baby seals the most. All the babies! While at the children's petting zoo visiting babies, Mabel tried to feed a tiny baby bunny and got bit. Poor girl! She talked about that bunny and held her tiny finger carefully separated from the others for the rest of the day.

    The girls played on this enormous playground and were worn out at the end. We love a good zoo day!
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    Mark Blanck

    the look on her face!

    Mark Blanck

    very cute!

    Mark Blanck

    Amazing to be in a photo together!

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  • Day18

    Kleingesee, Germany

    June 17 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    We loaded up like kids from the 80s (if you catch my drift), used our hand crank window downy thingies and left for the countryside. Let me tell you... "The hills are alive with the sound of music" and the car was full of giggly girls.

    The winding roads led us through small cottage towns, farmland, past breweries, into forests, and up hills to our destination called Pension am Kirschgarten. His friends (now our friends) put us up in this beautiful B&B for the weekend of my birthday, along with baking me a special chocolate cake! Seth and I were the same age for only 11 days. I am back to being older.

    Our room with a great balcony overlooked a cherry tree farm, small church and the forest. *Bonus- They also had a kids play room, geese wondering nearby, climbing wall room and shaded playground in the woods. We had lots of quiet time because the kids were so engrossed in playing. What a gem!

    The next morning (sun still rising at the 04:00 hour) a soft breeze rustled the trees and birds chirped as the smell of coffee and freshly baked pastries, crept into our open balcony door. Breakfast was wonderful and the coffee was great too. She offered so many beautiful pastries, lovely fresh fruit with granola, handwritten specials on the board (pancakes!!!), small savory dishes (for example, mushroom stuffed with eggs and veggies) and even cappuccino. This place is an escape from the hustle and bustle where you rarely even hear a car. Although there are lots of hikes, caves, breweries and some coasters in the area, we decided to chill and enjoy the country.

    If you ever find yourself in the Fränkische Schweiz region, you should most definitely stay at this B&B.

    P.S. - Addy, the non chocolate eater, actually ate some chocolate cake and approved - unbelievable!
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    Katie Mathson


    Katie Mathson

    Beautiful, inside and out.

    Blanck Adventures

    awe. thanks

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  • Day14

    Erlangen, Germany

    June 13 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Well, we arrived in Germany. It only took us one tram, five trains (I lost count really), one bus and 20 minutes of walking. We started at 07:45 and arrived at approximately 15:00. We were beyond tired as we took our last steps for the day! Note to self - travel shorter distances with three littles in tow. They really did great! The last train was the toughest as we loaded on, but found no seats. I was carrying a large backpack and Mabel, roughly 60lbs, I think. We had been trading off holding her, but at that point Seth was navigating us. Luckily, upon arrival we were greeted by Pablo, his friend's dog, which quickly perked our girls right up.

    We arrived into the Erlangen area in Germany just as the poppies came into full bloom for the season. This is their sign that summer is here. This also means warmer weather for me! We may have a couple days above 90 degrees.

    While in the Erlangen area, we spent time with old friends of Seth's. His friend was a big part of Seth's inspiration to go on this European adventure and part of his interest in learning German this past year. If you did not know, along with completing his Master's in Finance, he also began studying German quite intensely. Seth visited this friend last after our youth mission trip to Spain 21 years ago. This couple has been so kind to invite us into their lovely home and show us around Bavaria. They even lined up bikes for us all, so we can see the town like a local. This is a big biking community. His home is so funky and artsy with four levels surrounded by a flower and vegetable garden. He remodeled most of it himself and built his own furniture - lots of talent here.

    We have enjoyed many meats and Adalynn helped his wife cook a traditional German meal of potatoes, white asparagus and ham. We went to purchase the white asparagus the day before from a quaint, neighborhood farm. Mabel is very carnivorous and prefers the small cured sausages. Demi enjoyed beef tartare with cracked salt and pepper on pita bread. Addy really enjoyed the prosciutto the best. I prefer to stick with fresh vegetable from his garden and any chocolate.

    Here the kids have truly had a blast! They luckily had some toys on hand that were an extra surprise of fun for the girls. This couple is just so wonderful! Lots of fun and memorable conversations!

    Then we ventured on bikes into Erlangen for the best pizza of my life with this magical (just an exceptional parmesan) cheese and arugula made by an Italian family. Oh my! No words can describe it well enough!
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    Mark Blanck

    Is that Duncan? No, Pablo 😊

    Blanck Adventures

    That is not Duncan. That is Pablo.

    Mark Blanck

    Yes, Crazy comment...

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  • Day21


    June 7 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 68 °F

    Day 1 - Arrived in Nuremberg after a 2.5 hour car ride, checked into the hotel and got cleaned up. We walked around for a bit and decided on some traditional german food for dinner at a mid evil
    restaurant. Early to bed, Klaus starts his first day the the exhibition tomorrow.

    Day 2 - Klaus woke up early and started his day, I got ready and explored the town getting my steps in. I did some shopping for a pair of jeans after realizing the weather was not as warm as Croatia or Italy. I had a relaxing evening reading my book at a Cafe with a couple of Aperols. Klaus had a team dinner and got home later in the evening.

    Day 3 - Klaus had his first day of the exhibition. I woke up and walked to the main city center where I started my day with the fluffiest cappuccino I have ever had. I boarded a cute little train and did the narrated city tour. After the tour and a 25 minute walk I grabbed an iced tea from a cute little coffee shop in a residential area. I then got an amazing massage at a Thai massage studio. Back to the hotel for my dinner with Klaus. Klaus picked me up from the hotel, 1st stop new shoes, the pair we bought in Italy hurt his feet. After finding new shoes we went to the restaurant by the water that I had discovered during my tour, only to be told it was going to rain and we couldn’t sit outside. We ended up at a tapas restaurant were we enjoyed some food and a bottle of red wine. Ironically Klaus’s team from work chose the same place so I was able to talk and get to know some of them. We walked back to the room and headed to bed.

    Day 4 - Klaus woke up, got ready and brought me some orange juice and a croissant before he left to the exhibition. I got dressed and ready for my adventure of driving and exploring the town of Rothenburg an der Tauber. The drive wasn’t to bad, it took about an hour and I managed to following the german signs and laws without fail. Unfortunately it was raining when I arrived. I parked and made my way to a cafe for a cappuccino and to warm up. The rain let up and I enjoyed my afternoon exploring the charming town. I made my way back to the car, put the Nuremberg hotel in the gps and set off for the drive home. Forty minutes into the drive it all went to shit, the freeway was closed and everyone had to exit. What should have been an hour ride back turned into 3.15 hours. I was exhausted and feeling a little under the weather, I opted to not meet up with Klaus and some colleagues for dinner and watched movies in bed.

    Day 5 - Klaus left for the final day of the exhibition. We both woke up with the sniffles and a little headache, so I lounged around for a bit before getting cleaned up and ready for the day. I took a scooter and went and explored another residential area and a vintage t-shirt store for Bryce. I made my way back to the hotel, put the bags away and headed to a Cafe for lunch. I spent the afternoon reading, and having an aperol. Klaus met up with me later when his day had finished up. We walked and explored for a bit before making our way to the long anticipated mid evil who that we signed up for. Upon arrival and being seated we were told it was canceled for the night. 😞😞 We walked for a bit and decided on an Italian restaurant for dinner. After dinner we walked back to the hotel only to realize I lost the room key. We had to call and wait 20 minutes for a staff member to drive to the hotel to let us in. We needed to login to the E MED website to take our covid test for tomorrow s flight. I went first, and tested positive. Total turn of events!!! 😢😔 Klaus called the airlines and changed our flight to return on Tuesday instead, the first day the testing requirements would be lifted. Off to bed, we both don’t feel good.

    Day 6 - We checked out of the hotel and switched to one down the road that had air conditioning and a balcony for the next few days. What a crummy end of the trip, didn’t feel well at all.

    Few days later- We were starting to feel better and needed to make our way back to Frankfurt for the flight the next day. First stop Fürth, walked for a bit and grabbed an aperol. Next stop, an amazing town called Würzburg, we walked around and visited the famous bridge where everyone enjoys the beauty of the surroundings while enjoying a glass of wine on the bridge. We loved the vibe and scenery and definitely will be back to explore it more including the castle. We had dinner at a tapas restaurant before finishing the drive to Frankfurt. What a beautiful sunset drive that included singing 80 duets together. I checked us in while Klaus dropped the rental car off. Off to bed for the flight home tomorrow.
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  • Day84

    Day trip to Germany!

    June 13 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 63 °F

    Miles: 6.97 Steps: 16137
    Flights stairs: 17

    We took a day trip out to an underground salt mine (Berchtesgaden Salt Mine) in the alps. We ended up actually crossing into Germany! It was fascinating taking the trip 165 meters underground to see how they mined in the past and are mining currently. It was also a new experience to be the only two English speaking people in the tour of 50! We had translating devices for the produced information, but when the guide spoke he did so in German, and then would run over to us and repeat himself in English. A few times before he did that, he would say something and the whole crowd would crack up laughing - we may have been unknowingly the butt of a joke or two.

    In the evening we went up to Hohensalzburg Fortress. It was first built in 357 AD - and was altered and expanded on for hundreds of years. It also has the distinction of being a fortress that in all of history had never been conquered. Reaching it in the funicular you could see why - it was on such sheer cliffs and so high. During one battle the enemy had them pinned down for so long they almost ran out of food - they were down to a single cow. So they would paint the cow nightly different colors and parade it the next day where the enemy could see. They were fooled into thinking they had more food then they actually did, and gave up the fight and left.

    I learned today that in WW2 over 46% of Salzburg was destroyed - coming from the US where modern wars haven’t been fought on our soil it’s hard to imagine losing so much.
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    ilima Brainard

    That cow must have gotten tired of playing dress up! Amazing story. Salt mine tour sounds fascinating, and I am sure, (haha) that you couldn't have been the butt of any jokes.....I am assuming that the mine is closed now? Are they still mining close to there? I'm sure technology has come a long way with mining. Love the outfits!!

    Julie Burdette

    Holy cow!! Tight fit but looks awesome!

    Julie Burdette


    Julie Burdette

    It looks like the perfect little town.

  • Day28

    R O T H E N B U R G

    June 7 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Encore une fois je ne suis pas déçue par les recommandations qu'on me fait ! Jamais j'aurais trouvé cet endroit seule et pourtant c'est une pépite !
    Encore un bled archi vieux et pittoresque bien conservé ~
    Entourée par des remparts, la vieille ville a un charme incroyable, surtout avec le petit rayon de soleil qui va bien. Comme y a pas trop de monde les gens font attention les uns aux autres, ça fait plaisir
    Très en fleur, la ville dégage un doux parfum. Je me balade sur les remparts avant de repartir et je découvre un point de vue intéressant et inspirant ~
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    Yves Silberberg

    Es ist sehr schön!

    Noémie Silberberg

    genau ~

    Roselide TOMASI

    On se croirait un peu en Alsace : j'aime beaucoup

    Noémie Silberberg

    ouiiii apparemment c'est juste les constructions du 16eme siècle qui étaient faites comme ça a certains endroits

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  • Day25

    N U R E M B E R G

    June 4 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    J'arrive tôt ce matin et déjà la gare est moins ghetto et plus propre que celle de Ratisbonne (et bien plus belle vu de dehors), ça commence bien ~
    Y a peeeersonne dans les rues mis à part quelques groupes de touristes en visite guidée de la ville donc ça me va encore mieux
    A quelques pas de la gare il y a l'entrée de la vieille ville et l'office de tourisme qui murmurait des phrases super chelous sorties de nul part (genre 'i want to put my ears in my airpods' ou 'i want to tell my boss he's vired')
    La vieille ville est magnifique, les rues sont remplies de façades soit crèmes style alsaciennes soit très ocres style médiéval. Je découvre l'histoire de la ville au travers des églises gothiques et médiévales ainsi que le château impérial qui surplombe la ville, l'un des plus importants d'Allemagne parait il !
    J'ai vraiiiiment apprécié cette ville et le calme qui y régnait en maître en ce samedi matin de Pentecôte (pas évident !)
    Malheureusement j'ai vite fait le tour, même en flânant lentement dans les jardins impériaux. La ville se remplissant massivement l'après midi j'étais contente de partir et de garder ce souvenir de ville tranquille ~

    Je prend le train de 14h pour Stuttgart où je pars rejoindre mon hôte Sebastian
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    Yves Silberberg

    ça à l'air très sympa...

    Roselide TOMASI

    Ça fait très cité médiévale. Et toi t'es la princesse enfermée dans la tour du donjon ? Mais qui viendra te délivrer ?

    Noémie Silberberg

    PTDRRRR princesse des fesses oui, j'attend ma licorne volante pour partir ~

    Sylvie Clemente


    Roselide TOMASI

    Bon ben, bon vol alors🦄

  • Day3

    ÖV, Schritte und Zoo

    May 27 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Der Lieferdienst in Bregenz brachte uns leckeres Essen, naja zumindest nach Runde 2. Wir bekamen anstelle von Spaghettis Bruschetta geliefert. Kurz angerufen und subito war das „Richtige“ da.
    Ausgeschlafen und genährt setzten wir unsere Reise weiter nach Anzing. Da warteten Ejnar und Maximilian mit Fabienne u d Karli schon auf uns. Kaum dort angekommen, hüpften die Kinder in den Pool und wir verbrachten den Tag mit Quatschen und Gamen.

    Heute waren wir mit Julia und Lani im Zoo. Zuerst mit der S-Bahn ibs azentrum von München dann U-Bshn, Bus und nochmal U-Bahn kamen wir endlich an. Der Zoo war echt toll und wir sahen viele tolle Tiere.
    Nach tausenden von Schritten begaben wir uns auf den Rückweg. Da dachte ich echt, ich fahr nie wieder ÖV 🙈 Bus, warten, warten und nochmals warten. Dann schauen wie genau wo und in welche Richtung fährt nun der Zug. Endling zurück in Poing kam uns Katlj und Maximilian abholen - waren wir happy die briden zu sehen!
    Nach einem leckeren Grillznacht gings zurück nach München zu Julia und Lani um dort die Nacht zu verbringen.
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    Bettina Mosca



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