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  • Day40


    January 15 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 -1 °C

    Eine Unterkunft fanden wir dank der netten Unterstützung von Sabine und Wolfgang auf der Otto-Schwegler-Hütte im Ostertal. Eine einfache, aber sehr schöne und gemütliche Hütte, genau nach unserem Geschmack. Vor allem waren wir die einzigen Gäste. 😀

  • Day104

    Zipfelsbach und Bärenweg

    March 20 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 7 °C

    Was könnten wir Besseres unternehmen, als unsere letzten freien Tage bei herrlichem Sonnenschein im Allgäu zu verbringen. Auch hier zeigen sich deutliche Anzeichen dafür, dass der Frühling nicht mehr weit ist.

  • Day29

    Skitour zum Großen Daumen

    January 4 in Germany ⋅ ❄️ -7 °C

    Am Morgen ging es bei immer noch anhaltendem Schneefall und Lawinenwarnstufe 3 los in Richtung Großer Daumen. Bei diesen Verhältnissen war für den Aufstieg eine gute Spurwahl notwendig.
    Da das Wetter gegen Mittag umgeschlagen hatte, entschlossen wir uns kurz vor dem Gipfel den Rückweg anzutreten. Die Abfahrt über die unverspurten Pulverhänge war ein echter Traum und bei geschickter Routenwahl recht sicher.Read more

  • Day30

    Aufstieg zur Alpe Engeratsgund

    January 5 in Germany ⋅ ❄️ -2 °C

    Da die Wetterprognose weiterhin starke Schneefälle ankündigte entschieden wir uns für die Rückreise. Von der Schwarzenberghütte ging es mit vollen Gepäck hinauf zur Alpe Engeratsgund. Bei der anschließenden Tiefschneeabfahrt über die Käser Alpe und den Engeratsgundhof zum Giebelhaus hatte Thorsten richtig viel Spaß 😀.
    Die Heimfahrt war dann bei den starken Schneefällen noch eine echte Herausforderung.
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  • Day40

    Skitour auf das Wertacher Hörnle

    January 15 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ -2 °C

    Nachdem die extremen Schneefälle nachgelassen hatten, nutzen wir die Zeit für eine recht lawinensichere Skitour auf das Wertacher Hörnle. Dabei wurden wir mit viel Sonne und herrlichem Schnee belohnt.

  • Day41

    Skitour auf das Bleicher Horn

    January 16 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ -1 °C

    Da sich auch heute die Lawinenlage noch nicht wirklich entspannt hatte, wählten wir wieder eine möglichst sichere Route. Die Wahl fiel auf das Bleicher Horn. Bei strahlendem Sonnenschein ging es ganz gemütlich vom Parkplatz im Ostertal los. Nahezu ganz allein konnten wir beim Aufstieg die wunderschöne Landschaft genießen.Read more

  • Day53


    August 18, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    We've been away for more than 7 weeks now; the longest either of us have been travelling. We were starting to get a bit 'travel lagged' with all the new experiences, sights and bits of language we've been learning. The stopover at Tauberrettersheim was just what we needed; a grassy area off a farm track and near a the small River Tauber. We spent 2 nights here and didn't stray far from the van. Will played his guitar and baked bread buns, Vicky crocheted, picked a bunch of wildflowers and cleaned the van and Poppy relaxed on the grass. It was a much appreciated and very relaxing stay.Read more

  • Day20

    The Eagle's Nest

    June 23, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    As I emerged from the Munich S-Bahn at Marienplatz, I had a feeling of déjà vu. I remembered having been at this exact spot with Mum and Dad during our trip to Germany many, many years ago. We sat outside under an umbrella in the square opposite the famous glockenspiel Clock Tower enjoying a German beer. Mum was so taken with the fine lager glasses that she put two in her handbag and I believe still has them. Munich was busy with Friday night revellers, but I resisted, and had an early night at the comfortable Blauer Bock Hotel nearby.

    This morning I set out on a trip to visit the Eagle’s Nest - part of Hitler’s mountain retreat, the Berghof. After a pleasant train journey from Munich, I arrived at the charming town of Berchtesgaden. From there a bus took us to Obersalzberg location of the now demolished Berghof, which in the 1930s became, surprisingly, the 2nd seat of the Nazi government after Berlin. Then a further specially constructed bus to cope with the steep climb up the mountain to Kehlsteinhaus (The Eagle’s Nest), where, with its panoramic views, Hitler entertained special guests. It is virtually the only building not to have been bombed or demolished, and now serves as a restaurant / bar.

    To reach the summit you had to walk through a long tunnel constructed in 1938 and take a beautiful copper decorated lift to the top. What fabulous 360 degree views over the Bavarian Alps and Lake Konigsee. It is hard to imagine in this idyllic mountain setting that Hitler and his followers made world shattering decisions on war, persecution and genocide.

    I enjoyed bockwurst and potato salad and a cool, German lager in the main reception room, featuring a marble fireplace gifted by Mussolini, although it was a bit unsettling to see photographs of Nazi leaders and dignatories pictured in the same room. The excellent museum Dokumentation Obersalzberg provided a great insight into the Nazi takeover of this hitherto quiet mountain community.

    I did contemplate making the very short train journey over the border to Salzburg, Austria for some pink lemonade. Some light relief in The Sound of Music city would have been welcome. However I headed back to Munich for dinner and to get ready for the next part of my trip - the overnight sleeper train to Hamburg. Another very special day, sobering in part, but with breathtaking scenery.
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  • Day28

    Are we nearly there yet?!

    July 20, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 64 °F

    Good morning from just north of Nuremberg!

    It's been an absolute joy so far, everyone has managed to get a good 8-hour's sleep without too much fuss, the cooked breakfast on the coach was very welcome and the fresh pot of coffee has really helped get the morning off to a positive start...

    ...and then reality kicks in as the coach goes over a bump on the motorway which jolts you awake and you realise that it's only 03.45, and only 26 minutes has elapsed since the last time you managed to twist your body into a vaguely comfortable position in your coach seat (utilising skills that a GB Olympic gymnast would be proud of) and drift off to sleep, and you start the process all over again, hoping that sleep will stay with you for more than half an hour stints!

    We stopped for a late night "toilet & teeth" break in Belgium at around midnight. The coach drivers ambitiously anticipated a quick pit stop of around 15 minutes; however getting 119 students through a small service station toilet wasn't going to happen quickly (it took us an hour!), but did give us a chance to demonstrate how much the British love a good queue, I just felt sorry for the poor German lady who rounded the corner at 00.45 to find about 40 students waiting patiently for the toilet!!

    It's a bit quieter on the coach at the moment; Rick Astley mercifully seems to have disappeared from the airwaves and we are hoping for a breakfast stop soon. The next anticipated issues from the staff will be the depleted battery life on tablets/phones/iPads (how will we cope?!?!) and the constant worry looming over us that someone on the coach will suggest putting on their 'High School Musical' DVD collection...

    After that it will only be a few hundred miles more before we arrive in sunny Olomouc, easy!
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  • Day34

    Quiz Update from Mr K!

    July 26, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 79 °F

    As we make our way across Germany (and of the 17+ countries I've been to this is one of my favourites!) I should mention that I'm looking forward to seeing my cats (even if I'd also like a dog as well) and going away in the caravan to a campsite when I get home. 

    I think I may also need an Indian curry soon, as long as my size-11s don't wear out before reaching the restaurant, at least it wouldn't involve swimming more than 100m, although I'd run there if needed, even at my age having been born in the 70s!

    Also looking forward to a bacon & sausage sandwich over the summer, eaten using my right hand and with brown sauce, if there's too much sauce I'd need to use my knife and fork (but could leave the spoon), and I could wash it down with a nice cup of coffee. 

    The karaoke at the back has just broken into "Don't Stop Me Now" which is great, just wondering if they could add in a little 'vocalise' or the theme tune to the Onedin Line too maybe? If music was also their fave subject at school it shouldn't be too hard?!

    Must also get back on the golf course asap as I have withdrawal symptoms, I could catch up on the Radio 5 sports news whilst I'm at it, and following a round perhaps a G&T or a real ale, or mint choc chip ice cream?

    Have heard that Daniel Craig is going to do one more Bond film which is great, although hope he doesn't follow in another previous Bond's footsteps and start appearing in musicals as I don't see him as a lead in West Side Story, similarly don't see him as a Gryffindor in a Harry Potter movie either; maybe he could branch out into Sci-Fi and do either Star Wars or Star Trek, that would be brilliant!

    New Bake-Off should be on soon which will be great; think it has the potential to run for at least as long as I've been working for NMPAT, so 17-20 for sure. Noel Fielding does a pretty good job, although I'd say he's a league down from the "big guns" of comedy like Billy Connolly; I'm sure Chandler from Friends would have a witty one-liner to say about "big guns"...

    Hope I haven't said too much? 😂😂😂😂
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